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  1. Style

    Whom'st've known?

    Hey all, I'm Jake! Haven't been on in a long while since I had a hard time playing via Mac. Just checked back in today out of curiosity and saw that it's compatible again. Really excited to jump back into VMK. :) Catch me in game as Style!
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    MyVMK Forums Newsletter 9/18/16

    I want to win those credits! IGN: Style
  3. Style

    Which pizza place do you prefer??

    LITERALLY THIS X 1000 But if I had to choose one of those, Domino's. I'm going to school a couple of hours away from the city now, so I don't have access to any of the deep dish places. Pizza Hut is fine, but Papa John's is a disgrace to pizza. There are three on campus, and I refuse to order...
  4. Style

    At Least Put A Ultra Rare Pin In The Stone!!!!

    The fact that I just sell every pin I get from SITS kinda speaks volumes to this. It's gotten to the point that the feature is becoming as mindless as the old Shells game (except even worse, since there's next to no social interaction). Giving some sort of incentive/exciting feature to SITS like...
  5. Style

    Pet Base - Turkey

    It is, thanks!
  6. Style


    I'm an Integrative Biology Honors and Chemistry major, thinking about minoring in either Math or Spanish.
  7. Style

    Pet Base - Turkey

    Just wondering the price on this item. :P Thanks in advance!
  8. Style

    ~ Awkward Reintroduction ~

    It's been a while since I've been on, so I figured I should probably post in here again. I'm Jake, and you'll typically find me in the POTC lobby (which I realized I completely can't play on my new dorm/laptop set up without my mouse spasming) or in the Fantasyland Courtyard. Hope to see you...
  9. Style

    60th Celebration Mickey Lantern - For Cheaper

    I'll take one if you have any left. :)
  10. Style

    Events for this month

    Agreed, the only reason I've been seeing events is due to the in-game pop-ups. I get they're going through a transition, but having the events just starting all willy-nilly like this really puts a damper on people trying to get the HOST prizes. :/
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    What do you wish to see in a Thursday release this month?

    Would like to see some clothes that were released in the past year, since my collection right now is quite sporadic lol.
  12. Style

    Value Check on Sword in the Stone Pins

    Have a few of the older ones which I figured would be worth holding on to, but a lot of the current ones were the ones in question. Thank you both, @Cowboy_Pirate and @Midien!
  13. Style

    Value Check on Sword in the Stone Pins

    Was just wondering if I'm better off selling the non-rare Sword in the Stone Pins for credits through my inventory or if there was actually a market for them, lol. Thanks in advance!
  14. Style

    Game won't stop "disconnecting" upon load

    I was just about to post something about this, I thought it was just MyVMK Launcher being buggy. Looks like all my trouble restarting+reinstalling was pointless. :P
  15. Style

    release more rares

    I like the idea of having crates with a couple of new rare items at higher rates and maybe one or two of the ultra rare items thrown in at super low rates. As someone who didn't play a while back, I do find it super hard to find a lot of what I'm looking for because the market is so small. That...
  16. Style

    Taking users to the parks Going to Disney World next month!

    I'd love to go, as well! IGN: Style
  17. Style

    Happy Valentine's Day: Win a Stitch Forum Medal!

    Honestly any dream date of mine involves cuddling and wine. I'm simple, I guess?
  18. Style


    IGN: Style I'd be appreciative of any clothes you might have. :x I have next to none aside from some of the Paint the Night Ears and the newer shop clothes, so anything would be cool. Thanks much!
  19. Style

    Post a Picture of Yourself. Again

  20. Style


    Low key missing my 3 favorite characters from sense8 :x