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  1. Disantha

    Value Check Ice Sculpture Values

    Been gone for a while so was wondering if anyone knows what the Baymax and Baby Sven Ice Sculptures are going for these days Thanks!
  2. Disantha

    LF Cute Clothing released since January

    For the most part I have no idea what new items have been released, but if you have clothing you're selling that's been released in the past 7 months or so, let me know what it looks like and if its cute I'll buy it. For reference I buy mostly top/skirt combos on this game, and enjoy interesting...
  3. Disantha


    HI ALL! I’ve come back from a 7 month long hiatus and I hear there’s Mulan items. Pls sell me it for a reasonable price. Looking for the dress especially xoxo Sam
  4. Disantha

    Mulan Outfit + Other Mulan Stuff

    Have not been on in months but I see they released some Mulan stuff - hmu if you have the outfit and let me know how much you want for it Also idk what else has been released but if you're selling any other Mulan themed things let me know
  5. Disantha

    LF Pins from small world trades events

    LF pins from this month's it's a small world trades events I already have the llama/alpaca looking one, but if you have any of the others lmk!
  6. Disantha

    Bayou Chairs are SUPER Glitchy

    1) They don't rotate all the way around 2) When you sit on them, you're sitting in the wrong direction (like the avatar sits, facing the back of the chair) 3) Once you put them down, you can't re-click them to take them away 4) Re-entered the room thinking it was a loading glitch and then the...
  7. Disantha

    LF WDW and Disneyland Name Tag SITS Pins!

    Let me know if you're selling either of them and how much you're asking! Pls lol
  8. Disantha

    Dine Around The World (Game) - Looking for feedback!

    So I bought an Epcot Entrance room a while ago, and I've been trying to come up with an Epcot themed game to use the room for. I've decided I want to make a game based off of dining around the world showcase. My rough idea for how the game is played is something like this - - The overall...
  9. Disantha

    Disantha's Shop!

    Been on hiatus since April, selling some stuff, don't really know the values of things anymore so I'm just listing prices I've seen elsewhere on forums - I'm flexible though so lmk what works! I've also included my wishlist below, hit me up if you're selling anything on it! Pins B&TB Prince...
  10. Disantha

    LF Fairies and Royal Flowers

    Lmk if you have and how much you'd want! Also looking for furni that would go well in a castle suite room in general
  11. Disantha

    Selling PUMPKIN FLIP!

    So I think orange is kind of ugly and I think these flip hats are overrated, but APPARENTLY people are really into these hats, so...HIT ME UP WITH YOUR BEST OFFER :D Note: Would consider trading this for a Castle Suite room
  12. Disantha

    Auctioning off extra Glass Rose Pin!

    In a fortuitous turn of events, I somehow won another glass rose pin, and have decided to auction it off since A) I already have one, and B) I'm getting poor. The pin will either go to whoever is the highest bidder at the end of the day on the 15th (Wednesday), or whoever meets the auto of 100K...
  13. Disantha

    Glass Rose Pin

    How much is the glass rose pin going for typically?
  14. Disantha

    LF Mickey and Minnie Hand Heart Valentines SITS Pin!

    Dunno how much its worth because I've been away for a few weeks, but lmk if you have it and how much you'd want for it!
  15. Disantha

    LF Mickey Mood Pin Love!

    Will pay 6k
  16. Disantha

    Pink Fisherman's Cap!

    Offer away ~
  17. Disantha

    VC Pink Fisherman's Hat

  18. Disantha

    LF Castle Pin Set

    Lmk how much you'd want!
  19. Disantha

    VC Holiday Crate Toys

    Baymax Pooh Baby Olaf Ty <3
  20. Disantha

    LF Blue Pirate Thrones

    Hit me up if you have any! (looking for 6 total)