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  1. DapperChandler

    Things I'm looking for

    I'm happy to trade for items or pay credits depending on price. (see trade thread in signature) Clothes: Mickey Ears Haunted Mansion (offer 8k) Mickey Ears - USA Minnie Ears - Peppermint Minnie Ears - Retro (8k) Pins: Diamond Celebration - Tinkerbell (offer 30k) Disney Dates - Undersea...
  2. DapperChandler

    Looking For Credits DapperChandler's Trades (with prices!)

    My last thread kept getting closed for no reason so starting again. I'm potentially open to negotiation, but I do research items and keep my prices fair. If you want to meet up, please message me on discord if possible! Unless you happen to run into me in the game and can do a quick trade...
  3. DapperChandler

    MyVMK Disneybounds

    I've been sharing MyVMK Disneybounds on Twitter and now I want to share them here, too! Disneybounding is a fun trend that a lot of people partake in when they visit parks, and I think it would be great to see more in MyVMK. I encourage everyone to share their Disneybounds! Questions you might...
  4. DapperChandler

    LF Pink Easter Dress and Bow

    LF Easter Dress Pink and Easter Bow Pink:CheshireBounce:
  5. DapperChandler

    LexieandTink's Trades (with prices! mostly) :)

    I'm potentially open to negotiation, but I do my best to research items and keep my prices fair. If you want to meet up, please message me on discord if possible! New policy: unless you happen to run into me in the game and can do a quick trade, the minimum amount for a sale is 1k.
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  7. DapperChandler


    I have Park Ears - EPCOT, and I'd like to trade for either California Adventure, Disneyland, or Animal Kingdom. :)
  8. DapperChandler

    trade completed

    I have Stitch and I want Tink. Thank you.
  9. DapperChandler

    Holiday Bells Pins

    Here's a complete* list of the 24 Holiday Bells pins from Blind Bags. Please comment with more you know of, especially with pictures and rarities if possible. I have more photos in the comments. Bronze: (12) Alice Chip & Dale Mickey & Minnie I (blue bell, pink bow) Mickey & Minnie II (blue...
  10. DapperChandler

    Villainous Masks

    selling at the thread in my signature now
  11. DapperChandler

    LF Peppermint Ears

    Looking for Minnie Ears - Peppermint There's a link to my trading thread in my signature in case you'd rather trade for items.
  12. DapperChandler

    Selling Royal Baseball Hat

    I'm selling the royal baseball hat that was a HOST prize at the Ball events. Please make an offer! This is now for sale on my trade thread (link in signature).
  13. DapperChandler

    Buying/Selling Royalty Crate

    see my trading thread in my signature
  14. DapperChandler

    LF Dapper Dan outfits

    I have the full yellow (including shoes), so I'm looking for hats, tops, and pants in red, purple, green, and blue. Offering 9k for each outfit. :)
  15. DapperChandler

    trade completed

    I'm offering either the Umbrella Hat or 15k for Minnie Ears - Tropical. :) traded for umbrella!
  16. DapperChandler


    I'm looking to sell my angel wings. Looking for credits or Fairy Wings + credits. Open to offers. update: I'd like to sell these soon! So I'm now looking for credit offers or just Fairy Wings, no extra credit needed.
  17. DapperChandler

    Value Check Angel Wings

    Has anyone bought or sold Angel Wings? Wondering how much they're going for
  18. DapperChandler

    LF Avenger Ladies - Black Widow

    Offering 2k each for Mantis, Black Widow, and Nebula. :) Still potentially interested in Black Widow depending on price!
  19. DapperChandler

    Selling Captain America's Shield

    I'm selling this week's host prize! Asking 20k.
  20. DapperChandler

    LF sorcerer mickey outfit?

    I'm not sure what it's called, but it looks like a sorcerer mickey outfit. It's a red top/skirt with a brown bow.