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  1. taryndene

    discord: taryndene#0852

    discord: taryndene#0852
  2. taryndene

    discord: taryndene

    discord: taryndene
  3. taryndene

    Does Anyone Play VFK?

    i played when it had first opened because vmk closed. i never got into it, and really just didn't enjoy it like i did with vmk...
  4. taryndene

    OG VMK Nostalgia

    can we reminisce on cute or boot? xD genders not being interchangeable... haha i miss all of my friends from back in the day. my gold and black mickey ears that took me forever to get my hands on, haha. how it would close at 10PM and open in the morning!
  5. taryndene

    Looking for Haunted Mansion Buddies!

    yes!!! i haven't played in 11 years! i would love to!