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  1. MushroomLove

    MyVMKPal - Can't uninstall :( (Help!)

    Heeeeeeeeeeeelp meeeeeeeee I have been trying for the past hour now to uninstall MyVMKPal because it just doesn't work for me anymore and the client through a browser is so much easier. Anytime I try to uninstall it, I get a message that says "Unable to connect to download server. Closing...
  2. MushroomLove

    #DigitalDragShow Anyone?

    It's live right now on twitch! Watch with me :)
  3. MushroomLove

    Question on how/where items are released

    Hello everyone :) For the past few months that I have been trickling in and out of the game, I feel like I've noticed differences in what's been posted in the newsletter and what's available in the shops (Emporium usually, right?). Are "missing" items a program thing or is it a consistent...
  4. MushroomLove

    *slides back in clumsily*

    Is that a word? Left unintentionally for a good amount of time and now hoping to be back on regularly for some virtual decompressing and online community cultivating (that includes getting my butt kicked in all things POTC). Just wanted to say hello again :) Interested in: the color black...
  5. MushroomLove

    Game is down. Entire website is down.

    Right now... or is this just me???
  6. MushroomLove

    Can't Open Game

    For a few days now I have not been able to open the game properly. When I click the "enter" button on the homepage, the extra window pops open where the game is usually loaded, but right now all it is is a black screen with "Adobe Shockwave" in the center with an empty bar underneath. I have...
  7. MushroomLove

    Hey Hooligans. I need TTR help.

    So I am not sure where to post this but because it's not VMK-related I will post here :)))) I need mucho help right now with my computer. I have been trying to play Toontown Rewritten for over a week now and I am getting dumb error messages :? I was getting these messages at the very beginning...
  8. MushroomLove

    4th of July Fireworks pins

    I have 2 available! I'd like 15k each but it is negotiable.
  9. MushroomLove

    VC on Silver Ears

    Hi. I am curious. It is my ultimate VMK goal to get these ears and once I do, I will feel so virtually satisfied and so virtually completed.
  10. MushroomLove

    Itsy bitsy teeny tiny VMK screen

    Hello all! I hope you had great holidays and all that sweet stuff <3 This is not a problem of mine, but it is a problem for my sister who can barely play VMK correctly because every time she opens the game window, her screen is super tiny. She sent in a CFH for this but gave up, because it's...
  11. MushroomLove

    Personal Music Mixer

    Hi! I'm blasting the music game right now just for the credits haha (all alone) & an idea came to my head! I know that the staff are capable to add their own music into their rooms, but I think it would be kind of cool if we, the regular players, had the option of purchasing a music mixer and...
  12. MushroomLove

    Can't load game properly

    I am using Opera and since last night I have been having trouble with loading the game and rooms. I had to reload to go into host room more than once (thanks Sarge), but even then I still wasn't able to go into consolation/prize room, so I just gave up and went to sleep. Now I am trying to load...
  13. MushroomLove

    What happened here?

    I've been a player for a little over a year now, and stopped playing in June because I had no time. Now I wanted to be back for Christmas... but literally have not seen a room with more than 5 people in it... Where is everyone? What happened? I keep thinking that people just quit because I...
  14. MushroomLove


    HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MYVMK FRIENDS AND FRIENDS YET TO BE. I am probably not remembered, but I have returned from my deep slumber filled with zillion-hour workweeks and an endless amount of schoolwork to finally come back and play this beautiful game to be with you all! <3 Seriously though I...
  15. MushroomLove

    LF: 2X Pirate Cannon Rooms & Black Stuff

    Hi all! I missed out on all the cool stuff in June and I am currently looking for 2 Pirate Cannon Rooms. Will trade for total of 16k & black skirts/hats from crates. May be interested in other things but I am currently pending a trade with another player. Thanks! <3 EDIT: Also, some of the...
  16. MushroomLove

    Black Clothing?

    Hi everyone! I haven't been on in about a month (</3) & I noticed that there are a lot of items that are black like a dream shirt, princess top and princess hat? Has this always been there? or is this new? I'd really like to know, thanks y'all!
  17. MushroomLove

    POTC Wins, Keys, Treasure Chests, Prizes?

    Yay I finally have a chance to attain some Pirate-themed items buuuut I have no idea how to get them... So I just have some questions, after winning a certain number of times in pirates you win keys? Then these keys are used on chests, right? Do you buy these chests? & Whats the...
  18. MushroomLove

    Temporary SITS

    A month ago (I think?) it was stated by previous staff that SITS were going to expire after a while. Has this been established yet? I'm a huge hoarder & I pretty please do not want to lose my SITS :/ Thank you thank you thank you homies!
  19. MushroomLove

    Birthday Celebrations in Club 33

    Hi everyone! SO I feel like more people should be celebrating their birthdays on VMK, whether its that we recognize it or as a list that is posted on the homepage and then I thought of an idea... Basically I thought that it would be quite interesting to actually party more in Club 33, other...
  20. MushroomLove

    Looking for: Refreshment Tables & Chairs!

    I feel like such a dummy... I missed the sale and waited until Thursday to buy it and now they are out the store </3 I am looking for maybe 5-10 tables and chairs to go with those tables. Thank you so much! credits.