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  1. Peep23

    LF 1* Snoman Magic

    Thanks :)
  2. Peep23

    Selling crates 250c each

    I have 200 to sell so let me know if you want them :)
  3. Peep23

    Updated: Selling crates 250c each

    I have 200 to sell so let me know if you want them :)
  4. Peep23

    6 Animal Blind Bags for sale

    Unopened and 2K each :)
  5. Peep23

    Value Check Pascal Shoulder Pet

    Hello, does anyone know the value of Pascal at the moment? Thank you :)
  6. Peep23

    LF some clothes :)

    Hello! I am looking for the following items, let me know what you would like for them :) - Moana top/skirt separately or full outfit
  7. Peep23

    Selling Full JC Sunset Pin Set

    Selling 2x JC full set for 40K each :)
  8. Peep23

    LF Kida Clothes and Halloween Tomb Stones

    Hey everybody! Does anyone have any Kida items or halloween tomb stones they want to sell? I am in the market :)
  9. Peep23

    LF for halloween items!

    Looking for Halloween items for my trick or treat room. Mainly a door (or similar, maybe fence type things will work) of some sort but not the Monsters Inc. one and grave stones please. Happy to pay! I just may need to collect more credits first depending how much items are. Thanks! :)
  10. Peep23

    Bare Feet?

    Hi everyone! Noob question: I have been seeing people with bare feet and wondered how do you do/get that? Is it an item that you buy and can't get anymore or is there a secret way of doing it that I haven't figured out yet? Thanks so much for your help :)
  11. Peep23

    Looking for Haunted Mansion Buddies!

    Hey, so I am a huge fan of the haunted mansion game but I am always playing by myself because no one is ever there . . . obviously it is more fun with more people so I am looking for some people to play it with :nod: It is a great game once you get the hang of it (the keys can be annoying the...