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  1. Rob P

    Value Check Blue Jasmine Outfit

    A couple people are looking to buy my blue jasmine outfit Does anyone have an idea of its current value???? Thx
  2. Rob P

    Gold Ears and Black Herbie Shoes

    Selling gold ears + black herbie shoes hence the title lol I haven't been on in a few months so I'm not great on values so just name your price within reason !
  3. Rob P

    210k for Pink Flips

    title says it all i can possibly raise my offer a little bit, i just need some time to get more credits lmk :halcyon: bump, raised offer
  4. Rob P

    Western Cultural Imperialism?

    I am taking a human geography course and we've had a debate on this issue and I think it's really interesting. Many scholars argue that Western culture is being "imperialized" across the globe, and that it is depleting many local folk cultures. Do you think these other cultures have a choice...
  5. Rob P

    Trading Some Stuff

    trading the following for credits - Green winter jacket (20k) - Aladdin pin - genie (5k) lmk
  6. Rob P

    LF Unopened Jingle Cruise Crates

    Offering 2k per crate
  7. Rob P

    LF Villain Cuties and Puppy Rugs

    LF the following: Cruella's Synthetic Puppy Carpet (giving 600c per rug) Cuties - Cruella Cuties - Ursula Cruella - Cute Pin Cruella - Boot Pin Trading 500c for each pin! Looking for all of these items in bulk LMK :)
  8. Rob P

    Holiday R.O.B - Sunset Oasis

    Holiday R.O.B "SUNSET OASIS" *updated 12/23/2015* The snow won't be lasting too long in this tropical getaway! Ever imagined what the holiday season would be like near the equator? Are you looking for a place where it's warm year-round? Do you want to sing some carols while soaking up the...
  9. Rob P

    HOST Snowy Main Street Lamp

    Trading a Main Street Holiday Lamp (HOST prize) for 2.5k :)
  10. Rob P

    Trading CoW Room Pin

    Trading Cave of Wonders Room Pin auto 6k!
  11. Rob P

    Black / Pirate Crate Items 750c EACH

    Pirate / Black Crate Items 750 credits EACH!!! :star: Pirate / Black Crate Items - 750c EACH :star: Pirate Throne Pewter Babydoll Dress Dreams T-Shirt (x2) - 1k ea Fisherman's Cap (x4) Pirate Bandana Princess Black Bondice Princess Black Hooped Skirt (x4) Princess Black Slippers (x4) Princess...
  12. Rob P

    Black Crate Swap

    I'm Trading: Black Babydoll Dress Black Princess Minnie Black Throne Black Princess Hooped Skirt Black Princess Shoes Looking For: Black Sparrow Pants Black Coffee Table Black Pirate Bandana Black Pirate Scarf
  13. Rob P

    Trading Firewall

    my firewall for highest credit offer (auto 38k) Comment or PM :)
  14. Rob P

    5* Levitation Magic

    Title says it all! My: 5* Levitation Magic For Your: Offer Most Ideal Offers 1 firewall 45k 5* Buried in Treasure Room Pins Comment or PM to lmk :)
  15. Rob P

    Trade Shop - Little Yard Sale

    Trading the Following "Little" Items :star: Furniture :star: Aladdin's Purple Magic Carpet Chair - 1k Baseball Bases (x13) - 500c ea Churro Cart - 1k Eggs - 250c ea Hong Kong Ship Chair Magenta (x2) - 750c ea Ice Cream Cart - 1k Mickey TV (x2) - 1k ea Ned on a Stick - 1k Pink Rock (Pock) -...
  16. Rob P

    Escape to Pirates' Paradise

    Escape to Pirates' Paradise Avast mateys! Can this be the escape from de prison? 'Er have them mongrels been settin' up a trap? Will we be walkin' the plank 'er enjoyin' the fine view? All me knows is that this looks like a splendid haven to me. So, we shall go me hearties!
  17. Rob P

    SPECIALS Aren't Loading!

    Nvm lol
  18. Rob P

    LF Sparrow Hat

    Title says it all! Name what you want for it. I can do credits or items like Aladdin Carpet Ride Pin Animal Kingdom Safari Room Pin Orange Mickey Ears Jolly Roger Hat (HOST Prize) ...and other valuable clothes/pins/furni, but I do not have firewalls! So comment or PM if interested :)
  19. Rob P

    Cannot Enter Dark Ride At a Certain Position

    Hi. I'm not sure if this is a minor bug or a an important bug... so I'll just post this here lol I don't know if this is true for other players, but in the Fantasyland Courtyard, when I enter the 4-digit code to enter a ride, sometimes it won't let me enter the ride because of the location at...
  20. Rob P

    Caribbean Town Square Room

    My: Caribbean Town Square Room For your: credits (auto 12k) Open to other offers including Mickey ears (any color) Push magic