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  1. Jason

    Anime Discussion

    Hey hey. So dunno if any recent anime discussions exist. But I'm starting one. I was super into anime from 2008-2015ish, with breaks on and off, but from mid 2015-mid 2018, I watched literally 0 anime. Just recently got back into it with the second season of Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)...
  2. Jason

    Korean (K)Drama Discussion

    Hey guys. I can't be the ONLY one amongst you lot who watches korean dramas regularly, as I find them to be much higher quality than american TV shows. Also, I like the format of telling a specific story through 16 or 20 episodes and ending the story there. Rather than milking it and eeking it...
  3. Jason

    Request To Bring Back The Item Database Search Page Thing

    Hi. A few years ago, we had a page where you could search for any item that existed in the game and it'd tell you exactly how many copies existed throughout total. I realize this probably isn't on everyone's priority list, but it was quite the useful little feature. I've greatly missed it...
  4. Jason

    Can't take ingame photos with ingame camera/film

    One of my favorite features in game honestly, and it won't let me despite having had unused film. The button just isnt there/clickable. Playing on a macbook if that info is somehow relevant. Is it broken for everyone or just me?
  5. Jason

    Is anyone still watching The Walking Dead?

    So... It's 2017. Walking Dead just passed the 100 episode mark in Season 8. ...And is anyone still watching? Spoilers but, I know a lot of people stopped watching after they made us wait a whole summer just to find out who died. Then killing off two mains in such a nonchalant matter-of-fact way...
  6. Jason

    Forum Suggestion: Link to myVMK Homepage on Forum

    I'm sure with a snazzy new forum system like Xenforo this will be possible. All I'm suggesting is that we add a link to the myVMK homepage on these forums, most ideally next to "Home" and "Forums" and "Rules".. Maybe something on the far right like "myVMK Home" and maybe change "Home" to "Forum...
  7. Jason

    Posts counting in Forum Games since migration.

    Hi, I'm not sure if its intentional or not, but since the migration to XenForo, posts have started counting to post counts again in Forum Games board. If this is an unintended side effect then I thought I would let staff know. If it is intentional then don't mind me :P LOL
  8. Jason

    None of my teleporters working.

    Teleporters that lead to my connecting rooms which previously worked no longer work. I've tried several and I just stand in the teleporter and never get teleported... They worked previously. There's no real reason they should have stopped working. :(
  9. Jason

    Happy Birthday Elle! ^.^

    Today is Elle-chan's 19th birthday. A very happy birthday to you... :D :birthday: OMG YES I GET TO USE THIS EMOTE.
  10. Jason

    Petition: Please let us randomly get keys from collecting shells.

    Please let us get keys from shells. Currently, we can only get keys from NPCs, fireworks, and Jungle Cruise. I suck at fireworks.. Can barely scrape 1,000. And Jungle Cruise isn't playable on my macbook. It won't let me go past Temple Room. Also, I just prefer shells. I've spent 6 hours in...
  11. Jason

    Jason's myVMK Gallery, Where All Screenshots Go To Heaven Please guys, take a look through my myVMK Gallery :D I have so many various screenshots there. Ones of glitches I've experienced, random events documented through screenshots. Old VMK... Times had with some of my good friends here. And a lot more. So take a...
  12. Jason

    The 10,000th Thread

    :whee: :party: :balloon: This is the forum's 10,000th thread! Way to go, guys :D Less than 600 more posts to go till we reach 100,000 posts :o Edit: We also now have over 3,500 forum members. That's so awesome.
  13. Jason

    Campaign: Long hair for boys.

    Hello everyone! If myVMK've recently given the girls some of the boy hair styles, then boys ought to be able to have long hair too. This is only fair and I think its time for this change to happen. My best friend Harb has long hair, and some of the coolest guys in exist have long hair...
  14. Jason

    Happy birthday, fierceblair.

    Happy birthday to fierceblair whose original VMK name was spongeblair! I saw your birthday is today and seeing as you're one of my only friends from the original VMK I thought I'd make this thread to publicly wish you a good one! :D Hope it goes well.
  15. Jason

    Quick Trade: Female Herbie Shirt for Male Herbie Shirt

    Seeking to just the female Herbie Shirt for the unisex/male one. :) Jason
  16. Jason

    Quick trade: Full party hat set for best offer.

    Would like to do this fairly quickly, throw me your best offers! (Offer anything)
  17. Jason

    Trading full Party Hat Set (Pink, Yellow, Teal)

    Trading 3 party hats. All 3 in the set. Looking for the biggest credit spree offered. Will also accept something other than a credit spree if its enticing enough Jason
  18. Jason

    Ignore button not working.

    I tried to ignore someone today, and can still see their messages. I tried again and still could... It was previously working a week or two ago. :(
  19. Jason

    Quick trade: Gold rope for 30 ice cubes.

    Quick trade: Gold rope for 20 ice cubes. My gold rope. Your 30 20 ice cube chairs. Respond via PM or reply here! :)
  20. Jason

    Keys for ice cube chairs and snow rugs.

    I have 2 keys to offer. Most combination of ice cube chairs and snow rugs gets them. :) Edit: After seeing ice cube chairs will be released into the shops tomorrow, I have changed my primary desire to snow rugs.