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    Looking for High School Musical Room!
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    Buying Rooms?

    Hello! I'm looking for a certain room and am wondering if the rooms available under "shop" rotate! Also, can people sell you rooms?
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    Looking for ANYTHING HSM! Let me know!!!!!
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    High School Musical In-Game Items?

    Does anyone know if there are any High School Musical 1, 2, or 3 items available in game? Pins? Clothes? I know there were in the original version. I'm missing seeing them and want them back. Let me know!
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    Baseball Cap Reversed Miku?

    What's the current value? Multiple opinions, please. : )
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    Not yet fixed Diving Suit Only Works Once Per Game

    Must log out to use again.
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    LF Jungle Cruise Cutie Pin

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    Avatar Clothes?

    Anyone know if VMK has avatar clothing available?
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    LF Mulan Outfits!

    Any Mulan outfits! Thanks!
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    LF Red Shoes

    LF Red Flats or something to go with my Jessica Rabbit top and skirt.
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    Jungle Cruise Tips?

    I need a higher score.
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    Have you read Kingdom Keepers?

    I'm interested to see who has! Let me know!
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    Disney Trivia!! No Cheating!

    Question One: According to Walt Disney, which scene in a classic Disney princess movie was his favorite piece of animated work?
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    Trading Tarzan Portraits

    Willing to trade my Tarzan Portraits -- Terk, Tarzan, Clayton : )
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    Shooting Ammo in Friendly Pirates Game?

    Why do people shoot their ammo in the pirates game when doing friendly? Does it give you more credits if you run out?
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    Tsum Tsum Animals?

    Anyone know how many are in this pin set? I have: Dug Ed Flounder Jiminy Cricket Koda Nemo Rajah Squirt
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    Your favorite / best way to get credits?

    Let me know your thoughts!
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    How to say your AFK?
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    Value Check Please Value My Pins

    I got most of these from a player when I was new for free, so I don't know the value. If you can, also let me know what sets they're from and if I'm missing any. Here are all my pins, including the ones I've gotten from quests: Autopia Drivers' License Avengers Villains - Ultron Disney Light...
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    Not yet fixed NPCs say beta instead of alpha

    I know it's a small thing, but it bugs me to no end.