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  1. Squid

    LF clothing

    Hello! Looking for some clothing items Offering credits! Not completely sure on the values but I'm attaching my offer for what I think is reasonable Tinkerbell skirt and shoes (don't need the shirt but will buy the whole outfit) 10k Pooh Crop Top 50k Dark red/maroon beret 6k Moana Outfit 12k...
  2. Squid

    LF Host Duchess HNS Hat

    Offering 130k for Duchess's hide and seek hat Ty :)
  3. Squid

    Value Check Herbie Couch

    Just wondering what the value range for herbie couches are Thanks!
  4. Squid

    List of Magic Pins

    Hiya! Curious as to what magic pins are out there currently, so if anyone has a full list of them, that would be much appreciated! (no need to include quest magics aka space suit, diving suit, and car magics.) Thank you :)
  5. Squid

    Last Week's Items

    Looking for the items sold in the week of September 18-24 just looking for the clothes and 5 of the pins Name your price :) Thank youxx
  6. Squid

    Selling Hunny Badger

    Selling hunny badger pin for credits. :) Auto: 105k
  7. Squid

    35k Per Wall

    Looking to trade 1 firewall per 35k a couple of time! Let me know :) Also trading a gold wall for 20k
  8. Squid

    Green Flip Hat

    Hiya! I am currently looking for green flip hat Offering: 16 firewalls
  9. Squid

    Home Page Not Working

    When I go to log in I get this message and again when I try to refresh it.
  10. Squid

    AK Room

    Title pretty much says all. Trading the Animal Kingdom Safari Lodge room pin for most credits offered. Starting at 30k. :)
  11. Squid

    Squid's Sales

    Hi there! Trading: Clothing Pins Furniture Looking for: Clothing Pins Credits Thanks, Squid. :)
  12. Squid

    Looking for OG Princess Minnie

    Looking for the original purple princess minnie. I'm trading the following items but I'm not sure of the values so you can construct your own offer if you see anything you like. No I don't have firewalls or credits Green Baggy Pants Pink&Purple winter beanies Silver Ears Gold Mickey Ears Dream...
  13. Squid

    Missed Items

    Looking for the following items that were for sale/prizes in February and March! I'm not exactly sure of everything that I missed, but I know of the following Donald Hat and Sweater Football and Cheerleading outfits teal and purple Prince/Princess clothes Mardi Gras Mask Trading the following...
  14. Squid

    Looking for Pink Flip Hat and More

    Hiya! I am currently looking for: Blue HM Shoes and Pants Zombie Magic Confetti Magic Space Suit Pieces Coral Shoes&Pants OUAT Outfits (Male and Female) Original Dreams Shirt Currently Trading: Alice- top and skirt Beast Outfit Cowboy Hat Red Cowboy Vest W/ & W/Out Vest Green Mickey Ears...
  15. Squid

    LF Silver Ears and More

    Hiya! Since I've been in college, I haven't been able to get in-game as much and I'm currently looking for some items I've missed! Trading Green Baggy Pants! Also have some costume pieces, let me know what you're looking for and I may have it as well! Looking for: Dreams Shirt Blue Haunted...
  16. Squid

    Looking for Princess Minnie

    Hiya! I'm looking for princess minnie hat as you can see by the title. Here's what I have to trade: Clothing: 1x Angel hat 1x Pink Winter beanie 1x Pink Winter Jacket Leroy Black Mickey Ears Full Anna's Winter outfit Full Anna's Coronation outfit Full Elsa's Winter outfit Full Elsa's Coronation...
  17. Squid

    Dreams Pins

    Looking for Fairy pins, Castle pins and Logo pins Let me know what you're looking for! Not trading gcs or firewalls. Thanks!
  18. Squid

    Trading Leroy

    Heya! I'm trading my leroy hat! Looking for magics mostly! Will look at all offers though :) Thanks!
  19. Squid

    Pin Sets

    Hiya! Looking for a couple of buyable pin sets I missed! Trading 1x Halloween set for 1x Ornament Pin set and 1x Halloween Pin Set for 1x Fab 5 Fall Leaves pin set Thank you much! :)
  20. Squid

    Angel Hat

    Looking for this greatly coveted, sought-after hat! My current offer is: 2x firewall 1x DLR Mickey Pumpkin let me know(: hopefully we can work something out adding 1x Toucan JC pin 2x 1* invisibility