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  1. Tety

    Why I hate VMK and everyone on it

    (pls do not delete i come in peace) b4 anyone gets mad, the title is clickbait i sorry :angel: What I really wanted to say is hello VMK, I don't really know why I'm writing this or if this is allowed but I just found out this account is still open and thought I'd write one last post. I've...
  2. Tety

    Trading 2 DC ears for red jasmine top

    Trading 2 pairs of DC ears and possibly some other tingz for it, hmu if you want to see what I'm offering :)
  3. Tety

    Tety's Pins & Magic Sale (with pics) *Selling almost everything*

    Selling most of my inventory! Comment/PM me if interested or reach me on Discord at Tetyana#3742. c:
  4. Tety

    Tety's Clothing Sale (with pics) *Selling almost everything*

    Selling most of my inventory! Please comment/dm me or reach me on Discord at Tetyana#3742.
  5. Tety

    Buy My Rares uwu

    Mostly negotiable, comment or pm if interested : )
  6. Tety

    LF Gold Edition Pot of Gold

    LF today's host prize. Idk what it's worth but I'm offering 20k & willing to go higher. Lmk if you're selling :)
  7. Tety


    Selling Mowgli Banana Peel Hat for 400k OBO. Let me know :)
  8. Tety

    Trading Black Items from Crates

    The items I'm selling/trading are: Babydoll Dress Black x2 Black Princess Full Captain Jack Sparrow's Black Pants Captain Jack Sparrow's Black Vest x2 Dreams T-Shirt Black x2 Pirate Bandana Black Fisherman's Cap Black x4 Pirate Elizabeth Swann Boots Pirate Girls Boots Black x4 Please give me...
  9. Tety


    Selling for 80k OBO bc I need creds. lmk :D
  10. Tety

    Not yet fixed Colors of the Wind Magic

    pls fix
  11. Tety


    Pls sell me these
  12. Tety

    LF Moana Flower Headband

    Lmk how much you want or I can make an offer. Thanks :)
  13. Tety

    Make MyVMK Great Again.

    There's something that's been bothering me for several months now and I just can't take it anymore. I used to be excited to log onto VMK and relive my childhood while spending time with all my amazing friends but something changed. This game just isn't what it used to be and I know many others...
  14. Tety

    Selling Red King's Crown

    I'm taking offers on the red king's crown from the valentines day dance. Comment or pm :)
  15. Tety


    Offering 425k but willing to negotiate, lmk :)
  16. Tety

    Selling Valentine's Day Ballroom 150k

    Selling the room from the quest after the Valentine's Day Dance. 150k OBO :)
  17. Tety


    150k OBO
  18. Tety


    Selling the flaming hearts window (pink firewall) from gold potc chests this month. Lmk your offer :)
  19. Tety


    Selling Crash HnS ears. Asking for 80k OBO. :)
  20. Tety


    Selling the new host prize for today, lmk your offer :)