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  1. princessindy

    Trading Royal Jacket!!

    Trading my royal jacket! Please place bids below, my auto is 650k (saw that as a price someone sold it for, so if I am way off please tell me) :)
  2. princessindy

    Requirements for POTC keys

    Hey! I’ve been trying to find the requirements to get keys for each game. The only one I know is 30k and finishing the game for jungle cruise. Does anyone know the requirements for the others?
  3. princessindy

    Not yet fixed Jungle Cruise Issues

    Has anyone else had issues with Jungle Cruise lately? For the last two days, every time I click on an animal, it will show “0” every time and I only get points by double clicking every animal. I tried using a different browser, logging in and out and reseting my current browser. All the same...
  4. princessindy

    Holiday Blinking Shoes

    I tried to look up its value, but not having much luck. Anyone know?
  5. princessindy

    Trading All These Items

    Looking mostly for credits. I don’t know if my pictures on posts are working so I’m just going to write everything down Clothing - 60th Celebration top - 60th Celebration Minnie outfit (shoes, top and top) - Alien Mickey Ears - Angel Hat - Anna Coronation outfit - Anna Winter outfit - Baseball...
  6. princessindy

    Selling Lots of Clothes (including rares)

    Hey! Doing another big sale of a lot of my clothes in my inventory. Really only looking for credits right now to buy all the future Halloween stuff. All items shown are on sale, I will try to update the bottom with items that are sold. A few items below include Full 60th Celebration Minnie...
  7. princessindy

    Trading Pins!

    Hey guys!! Looking for credits or haunted mansion items (but mostly credits please) :) Other pins I have for trade that not pictured Cash for Gems pin Hamm pin Toy Story - Bo Peep pin Jessie and Bullseye pin Mr. Potatohead pin Mr. Ray pin Toy Story- Buzz Lightyear pin Toy Story- Woody pin...
  8. princessindy

    Trading Pizza Planet Hat

    Looking for 100k as the auto. It is from the gold pirate chest
  9. princessindy

    Trading Pizza Planet Hat

    Trading a pizza planet hat from a pirate chest. Auto is 100k
  10. princessindy

    Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary

    Hey everyone! In only a few weeks, the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland will be celebrating 50 years of ghoulish delight! Now, I know I’m biased because I worked at the WDW spooky house, but I just wanted to put it out there that maybe there should be a haunted mansion birthday celebration on...
  11. princessindy

    Value Check please!

    Hey guys! I have been searching desperately for the values of these items and the closest value check is from four years ago. I just want to make sure that it is a fair trade for both parties. Red smee hat Green smee hat Smee shirt OG minnie ears Polka Dot minnie outfit Thank you to any of...
  12. princessindy

    Trading Lots of clothes and pins (some rares)

    Hey guys! I am looking for credits for my pins and clothing. Quite a few rares (been out of the game for a while so I don’t know what is the hot ticket items with the kids anymore). Everything pictured is for sale and I am listing a few of the items below and a few autos from what I have...
  13. princessindy

    Haunted Mansion Ride Pieces

    Looking for anyone looking to sell haunted mansion doom buggy ride pieces please.
  14. princessindy

    Trading Barrel Pants

    I have been away from the game for awhile and it seems my NBC outfits are now worth something. Though I have all three outfits for trade, I have this thread specifically for the NBC barrel pants. Looking for credits only. Please post offers below (please do not direct message)
  15. princessindy

    Do I have anything of value?

    Hey! I am looking to trade my stuff in hopes to get a lot of credits for the holidays. I am an actual maid from the mansion, so I want to do a mansion theme. Is anything in the pictures I am posting below rare? I have been away from myvmk for a while, so I don’t know what is worth what anymore.
  16. princessindy

    Looking for Haunted Mansion Stuff!

    Hey guys! So I am actually a maid at the Haunted Mansion at Disney World (why I can't play anymore because I basically only sleep and spook). I want to know what haunted mansion items there are and how much they are. I am especially looking for the haunted mansion dress, because I want my avatar...
  17. princessindy

    Palace princessindy

    I only had one day to get this together but here is Maleficent's castle in the land of the fairies! Perfect place for wickedness, isolation and vengeance!
  18. princessindy

    Trading Poison Apple SITS Pin

    Please DM me if you are interested :)
  19. princessindy

    Trading All Pins and Poster shown

    Trying to have enough credits to build a palace for the competition but I am a premed major so I don't have much time to play. All I have below is for sale (if there are two, it may be only one for sale). PM me or reply your offers if you want anything . Pins Sold- aladdin carpet...
  20. princessindy

    Which Holiday Room Should I Enter?

    Hey guys! I need your help deciding which room to enter into the Holiday Room competition. I spent all month (and most of my credits) on an Inside Out themed room but I decided to make another room today. I like both rooms and I have a really hard time with decisions. Which room do you think is...