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  1. shel050

    Trading Whimsical Zebra Pin

    Heard this was the ultra SITs pin. Open to offers!
  2. shel050

    LF Potted Plants Pins

    LF Potted Plants Pins from pin trading event last month. Name your price!
  3. shel050

    Let's Talk About What's Happening in Australia

    Hi everyone, I think we all can appreciate myVMK for its ability to escape reality for a little while. But I would like to take a moment to step back into the real world and reach out to the community to discuss a modern climate crisis. As I'm sure you've all heard, Australia is currently...
  4. shel050

    LF Holiday Pins

    Lf: - Wheezy Christmas Pin - Minnie - Rice Krispy - Mickey - Hot Cocoa - HNS Frozen Fractals Name your price!
  5. shel050

    LF Zombie Mickey Ears

    Looking for zombie ears from winning host events. Offering 25k!
  6. shel050

    Light Saber Magic

    Considering selling and would like to know current value, thanks! (:
  7. shel050


    Wondering the value for all the types of wings (fairy, fire dragon, demon, angel) Thanks in advance (:
  8. shel050

    LF some items...

    Looking for - angel zombie hat - Hela Outfit - Red Genie Outfit - Snowflake Scarf -Tropical Stitch Shirt - Hail Ursula Pin - Forgotten Attractions Dreamflight - Mini heart top hat Marvel Month - Scarlet witch jacket - in store release - X-Men Cutie - Storm - in store release - X-Men Cutie -...
  9. shel050

    Selling Clothing Items!

    Selling the following items - Zombie Stitch: 30k - Mushu HNS Baseball Cap: 60k - Amy HNS Baseball Cap: 60k - Hank Hat: 10k - 2x Halloween Town Sophie's Hat: 5k - Bride Frankenstein Outfit: 9k for outfit or 3k for each piece - Haunted Mansion Black Outfit: 9k for outfit or 3k for each piece -...
  10. shel050

    Back from a break...

    Hello all, I took a bit of a break from myVMK to focus on life. I am still a busy bee with grad school and work, but I will try to log in more frequently (: See you in the game! Shelby
  11. shel050

    Selling Crates - 1k ea

    Selling Halloween Crates at 1k per crate! Currently have 50 for sale. If you buy more than 20, I’ll give you 40% off!
  12. shel050

    LF Halloween Prizes

    Looking for: Sunset Sorcerer Hat Candy Corn Minnie Ears Name your price! Also looking for screams shirt, offering 500k
  13. shel050

    Crate Spawn Rate

    I've noticed several people ask/complain about this. Yesterday, the drop rate seemed higher and more consistent. Today, many people wait for more than 30min without a spawn. Could we please fix this? @HOST_Nala @Amy Also, thank you staff for the awesome prizes :dance::halcyon:
  14. shel050

    Please close (:

  15. shel050

    Sold - please close

    Pumpkin head prize from screams event, looking at all offers including credits. :huh: Current offer is mermaid magic.
  16. shel050

    Screams Event Prizes

    Summary of Scream event prizes:
  17. shel050

    Tsum Tsum Animals Trading Post

    This thread is to facilitate trading of tsums (common for other commons, rares for rares). Feel free to post here if you're looking for specific tsums :hat:
  18. shel050

    Chest Prizes this Month

    These haven't been posted on the newsletter, so what have you guys been receiving in the POTC chests? Pictures would be fantastic (:
  19. shel050

    Sword in the Sea Pins ?s

    I have some questions about the new SITs sea pins: 1. I've heard people say that these will be available for about one week. Is that true? 2. I wanted to save these up and wait until next month's pin releases to use them. Will they disappear after the week's time or can I use them after that...
  20. shel050

    Selling Eeyore HNS Hat - 50k

    Selling for 50k!