1. DizzyDuck

    Looking for Furniture :D

    Hey yall! I'm looking for some Philarmagic Chairs, and Ariel Treasure Chests :D So far for Philarmagic chars, I have black, orange, and purple. For Ariel Treasure Chests, I have black, white, and red. Please let me know how much you would like for them as well :) Thanks!!
  2. MandyTheMermaid

    Looking For DD Ariel!

    Please let me know if you are selling Dynamic Duo Ariel pin!
  3. RisCafe

    Looking for these items! Will trade credits for!

    Ariel - Blue Date Dress (bow, top, skirt, shoes) Rapunzel (crown, top, skirt) Blue Princess (top, skirt, shoes) Original Black Mickey ears Original Gold Mickey ears Moana (headband, top, skirt) Original Princess Tiara
  4. Kaye

    Value Check Some old princess items

    The princess aurora blue bodice, skirt, shoes, and golden tiara princess ariel's bow snow white's bow how much are these worth now?
  5. activia

    LF ... Princess Items

    I am Trading Credits Open to buying individual items, just lmk! Anna Coronation (shoes) Belle - Pink Winter Dress (bow, top, skirt) Elsa Coronation (crown, top) Elsa Winter (top, shoes) Jasmine - Teal Set (top w/belt, pants) Kida (necklace) Lilo (headband) Merida (arrow through head) Moana...
  6. WheezyPinkHedgehog

    LF Clothing

    Full Kida Outfit Full Sis Bunny Outfit Merida Gown Top and Skirt Rey Bottoms and Shoes Full Blue Princess Aurora Outfit Flower Crowns Tiaras Ariel Mermaid Top Blue Ariel Bow Gabriella's Sea Shell Top Black Leggings Barefoot Shoes White Shoes Kim Possible Shirt w/o Gloves
  7. Cam

    Searching for these

    Hi, there! I'm looking for a few items & I have credits that belong to anyone who is willing to trade the below thingies:Pokemon1: Pins: Ariel Stained Glass Eilonwy Stained Glass Giselle Stained Glass Kida Stained Glass Maid Marian Stained Glass Merida Stained Glass Snow White Stained Glass...
  8. McCall Cohen

    Princess/Female Hero Clothing

    Hey loves, I am looking for Princess/Female Hero clothing! I will work with you whether it is items or credits. Let me know what we can trade to make my closet dreams come true! :MinnieM: :thumbsup: :trade:
  9. DeputySkippy

    LF- Ursula (FULL), Ariel Mermaid (Bottom)

    Hi all! I'm LF Ursula Full and Ariel Mermaid Bottom. LMK if you have these and what you would like for them! <3
  10. ThaliaRose

    Looking for...

    Pink Aurora outfit Aurora crown Cinderella outfit Blue Ariel outfit Blue Ariel bow
  11. Sorijilo

    LF Stained Glass Pins

    Here are some things I'm looking for. Stained Glass Pins: Vanellope Giselle Maid Marian Merida Let me know if you're selling or trading any of these items. I'm willing to swap any of the following stained glass pins for one of the ones I don't have:) Tiana x5 Belle x1 Aurora x2 Jasmine x2...
  12. popgirlzzz

    TRADING PINS! Luxo pins and gold chest Ariel pin!

    Offer away:) mainly looking for credits ! (I am saving up for something!)
  13. popgirlzzz

    LOOKING FOR: Ariel (old) and Megara outfits!

    It's in the title:)