1. theneen


    Hi VMK people, I have recently started dabbling in photoshop & digital art again and was hoping to share some of my work. :D I don't know if this is where I do that, or how any of this works but here's the first piece I've completed! It is inspired by an old Epcot pin I found, and in eager...
  2. jaquelineglrz

    ISO: Justice Beaver Mascot

    So I tried to attempt this but I have no talent whatsoever. I wanted to create an actual Justice Beaver for my signature. A cute crime-fighting beaver, with Justin Bieber hair of course. Below I have two images, one I found on Google that is pretty cool and the one below, my attempt LOL. If...
  3. riversroad

    MYVMK related-artwork

    MYVMK ARTWORK created this thread so I can keep track of the characters I have made around MYVMK! If interested in an artwork, feel free to look at my other thread for details or send me a Private Message with your character and an idea! Thank you! Riversroad: Rosey: (images are...