born in park badge

  1. Krazykay

    Question(s) about Born In Park Badge BORN IN PARK BADGE DISAPPEARED

    Hello! I first got the born in the park badge back in 2015 I believe. I havent been on here in a good while and decided to get back on when I noticed my Avatar no longer has the Green BORN IN PARK BADGE.. :( its just gone..Do the badges disappear if you dont get on for sometime? I already sent a...
  2. dolewhipvic687

    Question(s) about Born In Park Badge Turn Around Time?

    How long after submitting your picture to the thread does it usually take for staff to approve it? Because it has been about 4 weeks since I submitted mine :o
  3. SunshinyCashew

    Need help getting to the park Need Help Getting the Born in Park Badge!!

    If anyone is heading to the park and wants a SunshinyCashew tag along i would greatly appreciate it!!!! Plz help an East Coaster Out!!
  4. NOLAgirl504

    Taking users to the parks Born in Park Badge, going to Disney!!!! :) *over*

    Hello, I'm going to Disney World and I can take anyones pic/lanyard with me for an in park badge! I only have one person I'm taking with me so far, I can take a bunch more! Lmk so we can meet up! Also, I'm going to the LSU vs Tennessee game, and Saints vs Tampa game! Go Tigers, Who Dat! :p Merry...