1. Loutowicz

    Looking for These Items!

    I'm looking for the following items, prices are negotiable! (I'll continue to update my list as I find more items. :D)
  2. Ashslay


    CALLING ALL FURNI SELLERS! Please DON'T POST → MESSAGE or DISCORD ME ! :) The TOP 4 Posts will be updated at ALL times. PRIORITY WISHES: Items I am ACTIVELY SEEKING right now. NEWLY ADDED WISHES: New items added to MASTER WL NOTE: All new thread posts are updates/bumps to the TOP NEWLY...
  3. Aaron


    Currently Looking For ★ White Baggy Pants ★ Pink/White Flip Flops ★ Advent 2015 Pins ★ Small World Animals - Giraffe Pin ★ Jungle Cruise Snake 1 & 2 ★ Pink Coffee Crate Tables ★ Flower's Poinsettias Pin ★ Magic • Mike’s Car Magic
  4. Aaron

    Selling (WITH PRICES)

    Selling items below. Looking for credits or good trades. :fly::aww: PM/comment an offer or add me in game on user "odd" This doubles as my inventory - to keep track of what I have. This is what I value My items. Please OFFER. I haven't been on in two years. Idk prices of norms. Everything in...
  5. Aaron


    Selling all of this! Looking for credits or good trades. :fly::aww: PM/comment an offer or add me in game on user "odd" Currently looking for Green/White Baggy Pants Pink/White Flip Flops Magic **SORRY! A lot of items listed are found inside of the catalogue. I included them just incase...
  6. VanellopeVonSchweetz

    Buying Rooms?

    Hello! I'm looking for a certain room and am wondering if the rooms available under "shop" rotate! Also, can people sell you rooms?
  7. celestialsid

    looking for a few things <3

    hello friends, i was hoping to purchase a few things. Deadpool Mask Deadpool Shoes Mission Space Suit Orange Mission Space Suit Yellow VMK Sunset Pins there are a few things i probably need to save up more credits for and may need to wait to purchase. please let me know your asking price...
  8. markle


    hello, i'm looking for a few things and i'm trading credits for them! - 1x orange gumdrop chair - 1x cupid statue - rose petal runways - gingerbread stuff - holiday rope dividers
  9. alloadieu


    Looking for pins that you're willing to sell for 500c each. NOT SITS PINS, QUEUE PINS, OR ANYTHING RECENT WITHIN THE LAST 4 MONTHS PLEASE! ~ALSO: Looking for Jasmine/Aladdin Couples pin! :) Let me know! :) :trade::)
  10. alloadieu


    ALL FOUND CLOSED :):trade:
  11. LavenderGirl

    Looking For Stitch Hat!

    Hello all, I just rejoined MyVMK yesterday after a four-year hiatus. I am looking for a Stitch Hat. If anyone is selling or trading one, please let me know. xoxo, Lavender
  12. tide


    Willing to pay the value price of it <3 :)
  13. celestialsid


    hey there friendz, i'm looking to buy the full Megara outfit (top, skirt, sandals) and if you have the full Hercules outfit (top, bottom, sandals) i'd love to take that off of your hands too :) please let me know, ty <3