car magic

  1. Mx. Ryden

    Unable to start Autopia quests past blue car

    I've completed the diving quest, blue car quest, licence, and space suit quests. I wasn't aware there were car quests past the blue/easy as my next button has never worked, but as the new specials with the magics are out and I can't buy them, I realized there are supposed to be other quests...
  2. SirRender

    Adventure through Inner-Space Quest

    I am stuck at the 12th step, it says "To stay in this race you need to collect 3 gas cans or your car might get wrecked!" I cant see any gas cans at any of the tracks. I know many people were having this problem. Ive restarted my game many times, but it never works. Also tried launching in a...
  3. blueskynoise

    Mr.Toads Car Magic

    Looking for 1* Mr.Toads car magic... trading 5k for one.