1. Loutowicz

    Loutowicz's Shop

    Selling clothing, furniture, and pins! Saving for my holy grail item! Any bit helps! :) ~ Yellow = on hold ~ *More detailed post + pictures here:* Clothing Hats/Hair / Tops / Bottoms / Outfits /...
  2. SunshinyCashew


    Offering 150k!
  3. bethmarie

    1-800-GOT-JUNK -- Buying your unsellables!

    Hey you got stuff in your inventory you don't want that isn't really a hot seller?! Having trouble getting someone to buy your items?? Has your trade post been sitting there for months with no nibbles?! I will buy your junk! Here's how it works: I will buy grab bags of items, so lump all your...
  4. Anim8ed

    Mad Hatter Hat

    Hello. Anyone out there have a Mad Hatter Hat, or an extra one they might be willing to part with? Don't have a lot to trade, as I am fairly new, and I would love to get one like I had in the old VMK. I do have some points I would be happy to buy it with. Thanks, and Have A Magical Day!
  5. Lokrosa

    OG Princess Mini (Purple Princess Hat)

    Looking to sell "OG Princess Mini" a.k.a Purple Princess Hat Looking for credits! Feel free to reply here in this forum post or message me in discord! Thank you for your interest!
  6. GabriellaMusical

    Pins & Clothing for credits

    Make me an offer below in the comments! Pictures of the items upon request! PINS Pirates - Minnie's Reward Figment Color Co. (Quantity: 2) Retro - Oswald Tiki I - Tangaroa Tiki Pin Tomorrowland Skyway Retro Pin (3/5) DLR 60th - Blue Diamond DLR 60th - Diamond Mickey Dark Ride Alice in...
  7. VanellopeVonSchweetz

    Baseball Cap Reversed Miku?

    What's the current value? Multiple opinions, please. : )
  8. bethmarie

    bethmarie's bargains

    Welcome to bethmarie's bargains! Page is updated regularly, and items are added every week. Check back often for new sales! Feel free to trade for items instead of credits or make offers/haggle if you wish for regular priced items. (strike through is sold, italics on hold) If interested, you...
  9. VanellopeVonSchweetz

    Avatar Clothes?

    Anyone know if VMK has avatar clothing available?
  10. alloadieu

    Things I no longer need- SALE

    Things I no longer need- looking for creds only! For furniture, I have four sale rooms - search my username under rooms to check them out!
  11. SunshinyCashew


    LMK if you are selling!
  12. SunshinyCashew


    Offering 1mil Hmu if you are selling!
  13. tinkadink

    Clothes for sale

    Hi selling the following for credits: - Ariel Shirt - Aurora Winter top - Baseball Cap Bailey - BTC POTC Medal - Belle's Apron Skirt - Baseball Cap Reversed Pink (Breast Cancer) - Cruella Mask - Deep Sea diving trousers - Dumbo Hat - Elsa Shirt - Hades Mask - Black High waisted skirt - Black...
  14. Kg_

    Selling Clothing List to gain credits back

    Here is a list of ALL my clothing, Letme know if you'd like to buy any --- Hats --- Alien Mickey Ears Anastasia Crown Ant-Man Head Pal Ariel Mickey Ears Headband Baseball Cap - Bailey Baseball Cap - Pride Baseball Cap - Pink Baseball Cap Reversed - Breast Cancer Baseball Cap Reversed Jedi...
  15. Awesomemagic

    Todays quest prize

    Full fit. Dm or post offers <3
  16. Sorijilo

    Various pins, clothing, furniture for sale!

    Pins 750c each 1k each Other Pins Furniture Clothing Various SW Plushies 500c each Various Marvel Plushies 500c each Various Easter Eggs 500c each See my in game store for which ones I have (or feel free to ask)! If you think my prices are too high or low please tell me! I'd be happy...
  17. paramnesia

    Princess/Prince 2k Clothing Sale!!!

    Selling these items below (yes they can be separated) for 2k each::boom: Red Font means item is sold - Tiana top (2k) - Tiana skirt (2k) - Prince Sora top (2k) - Prince Sora bottom (2k) - Ariel skirt (2k)
  18. Jessicat

    Trading for clothing and/or pins

    Trading for clothing and/or pins (especially room pins, SITS pins, and character clothing). Please make offer. :)
  19. tinkadink

    Selling Clothing

    Hi! I am looking for credits and selling the following items: Pizza Planet Hat x1 Ellie Shirt x1 Sarge Outfit x 2 Spider Gwen Mask x1 Lilo Top and bottom x1 Deadpool tshirt x1 Fairy Fawn shirt x1 Fairy Fawn flats x1 Dumbo hat x1 Mickey ears baseball cap x1 Princess Atta Tiara x1 Summer Flower...
  20. KatiePeirceeee

    **Blowout Sale!!** Pls Take All the Things!

    I'll be updating this daily with new items, quantities, etc so keep an eye out! :whee: I'm also pretty flexible and will accept most ~reasonable~ offers. CLOTHING Alien Mickey Ears - 1x Babydoll Dress Black - 3x Baseball Cap - Pride - 2x Beanie - Hamm - 1x Bowtie Pride - 1x Bride Frankenstein...