1. KatiePeirceeee

    **Blowout Sale** Pls Take All the Things!

    I'll be updating this daily with new items, quantities, etc so keep an eye out! :whee: I'm also pretty flexible and will accept most ~reasonable~ offers. CLOTHING Alien Mickey Ears - 1x Babydoll Dress Black - 3x Baseball Cap - Pride - 2x Beanie - Hamm - 1x Blue Flats - 1x Bowtie Pride - 1x...
  2. Shimmer

    Selling Clothes

    Clothes for sale and only looking for credits. Either reply here if you are interested or PM me. :) Everything listed together with a price will stay together. WILL NOT sell pieces separately. Ant-Man Head Pal - 2k Aqua’s top, skirt and shoes - 6k Babydoll Dress Black - 1k Baseball Cap Bailey...
  3. alloadieu

    Selling Loads of things! (including Wall-e pet base, Skate Shoes+ more)

    There may be multiples of items. DM offers - looking for creds.
  4. tide

    Please Close <3

    Offering some credits but mostly items for this. If you're selling DM me the price and I can meet you & show what I have for sale of value <3
  5. tide

    Please Close <3

    Looking at offers for one of the Gold Chest POTC prizes this month - Boa Constrictor. Please DM with your offer.
  6. SunshinyCashew


    LMK if interested! Items in bold are 50k and up Albert Mystic Hat Aloha Flip Hat HnS Baseball Cap - Nala Baseball Outfit (Red) (Hat, Shirt, Pants, and Shoes) Black Leggings Bunny Slippers - Blue Bunny Slippers - Purple Christmas Tree Hat Civil War Glasses Cowboy Hat - White Cowboy Pants -...
  7. tide

    Trading Snowflake Winter Beanie

    LF 350k or Clothing that will reach the value of 350k <3
  8. carolscool


    I have all color crocs and bucket hats! I also have unicorn and castle egg! LMK best offer <3
  9. SunshinyCashew


    Selling white shorts 800k!! lmk if interested!
  10. Happycatyomyno


  11. Obviously

    LF Full Herbie Outfit

    Please and thank ya <3 :)
  12. sarahslamee

    New with some questions!

    Been a super long time since I've play (last time was before the original VMK closed) so I don't remember some things and am unsure how this remake works completely. When I type in game it doesn't let me use the backspace key so when I mistype I can't fix it, anyone else have this problem or...
  13. SunshinyCashew


    Lmk if you are interested in anything!
  14. kierstenpaige

    Closet Clean-Out

    Please PM with offers! Ariel Mickey Ears Headband (1) Blue Flats (1) Cheerleader Costume- Purple (1) (Full) Cruella de Vil Top (1) Cruella de Vil Skirt (1) Bride of Frankenstein Hair (1) Cropped Love Heart Hoodie- Lilac (1) Enchanted Dress (1) (No Shoes) HM Pink (1) (Full) Holiday Elf Purple...
  15. Tety

    Tety's Clothing, Magic & Pin Shop ♡ [updated 03/01]

    Clothing **Most prices are negotiable and I can do deals for multiple items, don't be afraid to ask :D Animated Hats Magic Rooms Pins - Buy 2 Get 1 Free* *Buy any 2 pins to pick any pin outlined with a red border for free. **Pin prices won't be listed in here because I don't have the...
  16. lexis

    selling my extras.

    hello there, i have collected some extras over the past few months that are just taking up space in my inventory tbh.
  17. K

    Clothing Items

    belle's winter outfit (top, skirt, bow) aurora blue dress (top and skirt) love heart hoodie- pink Ariel white dress (top and skirt) curtain dress (top and skirt) thank you :)
  18. frenzy

    close pls

  19. glissando

    Gliss' Random Sale

    Selling my random assortment of things for your credits! Almost everything I have multiples of. Potentially willing to negotiate prices so hmu, thx bbs <3 CLOTHING Angel Stitch Hat - 165k Axel Wig - 1k Butterfly on Face - 1k Halloweentown Sora pants - 1k Halloweentown Sora shirt - 1k Keyblade -...
  20. Tety