1. activia

    LF ... (Clothing) - Closed

    Hi all! I haven't been on here in awhile so there's a few items I'm trying to get back into my inventory. If you have any and are wanting credits in exchange, either leave a reply or pm me :) Monthly Items Loki Hat HEROES pins (Black Panther and Thor) Gamora Wig Hats Gold Mickey Ears Angel...
  2. mermaidcait

    close thread

  3. bethmarie

    Inventory Clean Out!

    Hello all - looking to clean out some of my inventory. Just make an offer, reasonable offers, for what you are interested in. items in bold are no longer available or are currently under offer for trade. PINS: Darth Maul Drowned in Moonlight (princess leia pin) Emoji - Anna Emoji - Belle Emoji...
  4. Fix

    display clothes as furniture idea

    i think it would be really cool if we could somehow turn our clothes into furniture, sort of the way we can change rooms to pins, and vise versa. that way you could display your clothing in guestrooms. this would make trade rooms and yard sales a lot easier so people could easily see what you...
  5. celestialsid

    inventory sale! <3

    went through my inventory and found a few things i don't want anymore! let me know if you're interested, ty <3 CLOTHING FULL tom lucitor outfit (hat, shirt, pants, shoes) 8k FULL cheerleader blue outfit (top, skirt, shoes) 7k FULL cheerleader teal outfit (top, skirt, shoes) 7k FULL football...
  6. KrisKoVonce

    Lf Pirate Pants Boys AND/OR Pirate Outfit

    Hiya Frens, I have the Pirate Jacket Boys clothing item, but I need the pants to go with it. AND/OR, if you have a cooler pirate outfit, I'd love to see it and maybe buy it. :) Ty frens, KrisKo
  7. Bimbette

    Rose Gold Jersey

    So... we know of the rose gold disney jerseys that are hitting the parks like crazy, right? Those bad boys. So my idea is to have them in-game! They'd be super cute, and they could be a recolored long sleeve from the Tops - Neutral section from the shop, or a recolored and remodeled Everest...
  8. celestials

    Some clothing items I have kicking around...

    Clothing Alice Dress - Top Alice Dress - Bottom Dance Red (HSM items) - FULL Football Referee - Pants Football Referee Shirt Peter Pan Hat Pirate Red Bandana Mr Smee's Green Hat Pirate Girls Boots Storm Trooper - FULL Tron Blue - Vest Tron Blue - Pants Tron Blue - Boots I appreciate any and...