1. lunavida

    Looking for Winter Dreams Crate

    Looking for a winter dreams crate : ) I have original rare costumes available, thanks! -Luna
  2. Aaron


    Currently Looking For ★ White Baggy Pants ★ Pink/White Flip Flops ★ Advent 2015 Pins ★ Small World Animals - Giraffe Pin ★ Jungle Cruise Snake 1 & 2 ★ Pink Coffee Crate Tables ★ Flower's Poinsettias Pin ★ Magic • Mike’s Car Magic
  3. B

    Holiday Stocking Crates

    Hi! I haven't seen a list of all crate items. Please help and post some pictures (with names) of items you've gotten so far! If you know if its a common or rare that would be helpful too! :) Happy Crating everyone!
  4. Cassandra

    Please close

    comment or message me with offers<3
  5. Cassandra

    Please close

    comment or message me <3
  6. Cassandra

    Please close

    Selling the following items from crates: Simba onesie hood x 1 Naveen's royal shirt x 1(SOLD) Naveen's royal boots x 1(SOLD) Li Shang chest-piece x 1 (SOLD) Royal jewels- emerald x 2 Royal jewels- ruby x1 Royal jewels- rainbow x 1 WDW ballroom stair x 1 Royal sky flat 1 x1 Comment or msg me if...
  7. alloadieu


    250c per crate, message me if you're looking to buy!
  8. Squiggle

    Treasure Detector Prizes/Rarity List

    This list is nowhere near complete yet, so if you find an item not on this list please post it below. Host_Nala said there were over a hundred prizes. Ill start doing rarities once we get close to a final list Also ill be giving items red coloring if only 1 person has confirmed an item without...
  9. minchy


    Hey guys! I just wanted to take a few seconds to thank everyone who came out to the crate opening party tonight! I really appreciate everyone's support and excitement over the past week of getting 1000 crates! There was a full house tonight - about 50 people came and went! I'd call that a...
  10. Marisa

    Selling Winter Crate Keys! 3k

    Selling winter crate keys, 3k each :)
  11. TaylorDanielle

    Looking for keys

    I'm looking for silver keys to open the old ornament crates from two years ago! Willing to trade credits for them
  12. TaylorDanielle

    Ornament crates?

    I have recently rejoined vmk after about two years, and I have three of the ornament crates which are from 2015 I think? I have a red, green, and blue one, and curious is to how to open them? They say silver keys but the ones earned from the pirates games don't work.
  13. Marisa

    Selling Silver Mickey Beanie

    Starting bid 100k :)
  14. bizarrekitties

    LF: Crates (unopened AND empty!) and keys

    I hoard crates (unopened and empty!) and keys. :cloud9: If you have any of these and want to sell them, hit me up! :star: Green :star: Hearts :star: #1 :star: Christmas 2016 :star: Mystery Black :star: Silver :star: Holiday If there are other kinds of crates or keys that aren't listed here...