dc ears

  1. SunshinyCashew

    LF DC Bolt Ears! - Closed-

    lmk you price!!
  2. SunshinyCashew

    LF Gold Duchess DC Ears!!!

    You got em' I want em' let's make a deal!!
  3. alloadieu

    LF For the Following... CLOSED

    Helloooo Post or PM me your price if your'e selling! -Any colour of DC Ears -Ursula dress (top and skirt) -Maleficent Hat
  4. SunshinyCashew

    LF DC Rey Ears!!! - Closed-

    Please its been 84 years and i haven't found them. Its for a good cause!!!
  5. activia

    DC Ears (Disney Channel)

    hiii, i know a lot of people don't sell these or even trade them much anymore, but if you happen to do i'll gladly buy! here's an image of the ones i would be interested in circled ones are the one's i'm currently looking for :-) from left to right (crossed off means i've obtained): Copper...
  6. Drogo


  7. tide


    Starting price is 80k! <3
  8. Fix

    LF Disney Channel Month Items!

    If you have extras from this month I'm interested in buying or trading! I unfortunately stopped playing for a while and wasn't on during those months. Let me know what you have and what your prices are! Mostly looking for clothes but I'll take some furni off your hands too. Thank ya :)
  9. Danny_DeVito

    TRADING Rose Gold or Pale Pink for Red Mushu DC Ears

    TRADING either my Joy Rose Gold or Simba Pale Pink for Mushu Red DC Ears! Here's a pic of the choices
  10. Subrzu


    Selling Dumpling Green and Sonny Yellow DC Ears! SB:90k SB:90k
  11. Subrzu

    DC Ears Sonny Yellow

    Selling Sonny Yellow DC Ears SB:100k
  12. Subrzu

    Sonny Yellow DC Ears

  13. bethmarie

    Please close thanks :)

    the name says it all! trading dumpling green dc ears for rey blue dc ears
  14. Shimmer

    Swapping DC Ears!

    I am swapping Leia Pearl dc ears! Willing to sell for creds just give an offer I am mostly looking for Lady Mint Green but open to all colors EXCEPT: copper orange aurora teal karru dark purple nala blue duchess gold sonny yellow dumpling green anything pink
  15. Shimmer

    LF Lady Mint Green Ears

    Title says it all, I'm offering 100k for them! :)
  16. Shimmer

    Swapping DC Ears!

    I am swapping HoneyLemon Coral ears and looking for Mint Green! Open to other colors also :) colors i'm not looking for are: gold light orange teal pearl nala blue karru purple
  17. MysteryClearPuppy

    VMK_Schweetz Magenta DC Ears

    looking @ all offers - also interested in trading for rey's blue ones Sorry for ugly blurry picture lol Current Bid via PM is 150k
  18. celestials

    DC Rey Ears

    I'm looking to sell my Rey Blue ears and will be taking offers.