1. ShootingfortheMoon

    Spooky Bar!

    Come on down to the new popup Notsospooky Halloween Bar! Grab yourself a pint, dance, or hang out with your skeleton friends! Its quite a frightful time!
  2. WolverineLogan

    Newsies outfits!

    I am a HUGE fan of the Disney movie Newsies and Newsies: The Broadway Musical!!! I would absolutely looooooove to see outfits complete with suspenders and paperboy caps and newspapers to hold! I don't know if anyone else thinks this is a great idea, or would even want that. I however would...
  3. MandyTheMermaid

    Planning a Disney World Vacation.. HELP!!

    Hey All.. So I'm trying to plan a "Disney Vacation" for sometime during the last 2 weeks of Aug or First 2 weeks of September and I wanna know What ticket package I should buy if I only plan on going to Disney for 2 Days while on my Florida Vaca? What are the best Disney World Parks that you...
  4. queen_meg

    What is your favorite Disney Character?

    It could be from a movie, park attraction,etc. Just as long as it is owned by Disney. Example: My favorite character is Oswald the lucky rabbit.
  5. VMK_Aladdin

    Let's Talk Disney World Pins!

    Let's talk pins! Do you have any Disney pins? If so which ones are your favorites and why!
  6. AnimeLover

    VMK Pins: Actual Disney Park Pins?

    I'm a huge collector of both VMK Pins and actual Disney Pins that you can purchase at the Disney Parks/Sites. However, I have noticed that a lot of pins released on VMK are actual copies of pins you can buy at the actual parks. For example the Valentine's days pins, such as: Leia & Han " I love...
  7. bethmarie

    Please close thanks :)

    selling a lot of my stuff, please make offer on what you are interested in - bold items are still available: 5 yellow gum drop chairs 16 potions 10 recess tire chairs 1 pink cloud 1 pirate treasure chest seat red 12 empty winter crates 1 Pegasus snow globes: frozen ship, 2 gloria, gingerbread...
  8. Q

    Need help getting to the park Help me please :)

    Hello all! I've never been able to go to a Disney park and likely won't in the foreseeable future, so if anyone is happening to go to a park and can "take me" with them it would be super appreciated :). Lmk! I attached my pic below, and if you ever see me in-game be sure to say hi!
  9. riversroad

    MYVMK related-artwork

    MYVMK ARTWORK created this thread so I can keep track of the characters I have made around MYVMK! If interested in an artwork, feel free to look at my other thread for details or send me a Private Message with your character and an idea! Thank you! Riversroad: Rosey: (images are...