1. SweetTea

    Value Check Closed

  2. SunshinyCashew

    Lf Princess Aurora Pink Dress!!- Closed -

    Lmk your prices
  3. SunshinyCashew

    LF Tiana Outfit! - Closed-

    Please help me get this?
  4. Tiara Damáge

    Looking for Princess Gowns (Or Belle, Aurora)

    Hi, I've recently returned to MyVMK after a wopping 4 year absence. I'd like to purchase a Princess set-- that is, the top, bottom, and the shoes. I would prefer Black, but the color doesn't matter at the end. Either that, or I'd like to purchase a Belle outfit or Aurora outfit. If you have...
  5. MagicKingdom

    LF Yellow Princess Dress

    if you have please let me know! And let me know what you want to sell it for! Thank you!! <3 MK
  6. Kaye

    Value Check Some old princess items

    The princess aurora blue bodice, skirt, shoes, and golden tiara princess ariel's bow snow white's bow how much are these worth now?
  7. Cam

    Searching for these

    Hi, there! I'm looking for a few items & I have credits that belong to anyone who is willing to trade the below thingies:Pokemon1: Pins: Ariel Stained Glass Eilonwy Stained Glass Giselle Stained Glass Kida Stained Glass Maid Marian Stained Glass Merida Stained Glass Snow White Stained Glass...
  8. annabackwards

    LF Original VMK Pink Princess Dress

    Looking for the pink princess dress from the original game. Don't need the hat, just the top, bottom, and shoes. :thumbsup:
  9. Danny_DeVito

    close please

    Thanks guys <3 -Close, please
  10. Arevyn

    ISO Photos of Players in Full Costumes

    Hello again, all. I am slowly filling in some of the MyVMK wiki and want to work on the Costumes page, but I don't have access to most of the costumes in-game to be able to add photos. If you have a full costume and don't mind yourself being shown on the wiki, please post a photo here of your...