1. P

    Value Check Pastel Blue Socks

    How much are pastel blue socks from Easter 2020 worth? Anyone looking to buy?
  2. bethmarie


    Trading bunny ears - looking to get nbc barrel outfit if possible or wings if someone doesn't want them; will also trade for credits - NEW PRICE 175k
  3. Shimmer

    Looking for socks

    i am looking for green, yellow and purple! I have some extras of orange and cyan if anyone would like to swap colors let me know! :)
  4. Shimmer

    Pajamas from crates

    HELLO I have pulled the lovely pink pj bottoms from the great ester egg basket crates. If anyone would like to swap their blue pj bottoms for pink let me know!! :)
  5. tide

    LF 2020 Easter Pajama Set

    Any color, let me know your price <3
  6. PROMO_Oogie

    Chicks vs. Bunnies Eggcellent Event

    An Eggcellent Event! Chicks vs. Bunnies How do I pick a team? Upon logging in, you will be assigned a team. This is to assure both teams are even and the fight is fair! You will either become a chick or a bunny. This will be displayed through a popup notification when you first login...
  7. Danny_DeVito


  8. celestialsid

    sid's stuff & things 4 sale (updated 6/20)

    anything tickle your fancy? :) let me know ty <3 FULL OUTFITS FULL cheerleader blue outfit (top, skirt, shoes) 7k FULL cheerleader teal outfit (top, skirt, shoes) 7k FULL darla's outfit (sweater. skirt, retainer) 8k (on hold) FULL elena of avalor outfit (top, skirt and hair pin) 7k FULL green...
  9. celestialsid

    mini clearance sale :)

    here are some things i'm wanting to get rid of! lemme know if you're interested in anything :) clothing 31x easter blue bunny slippers 1k 34x easter lilac bunny slippers 1k 36x easter lilac hoodie 1k 23x easter pastel green mickey ears 2k 23x easter pastel purple mickey ears 2k 8x easter pastel...
  10. celestialsid

    trade made pls close! <3

    just pulled one of these beauties :) bid starting @ 15k let me know <3
  11. celestialsid

    inventory sale! <3

    went through my inventory and found a few things i don't want anymore! let me know if you're interested, ty <3 CLOTHING FULL tom lucitor outfit (hat, shirt, pants, shoes) 8k FULL cheerleader blue outfit (top, skirt, shoes) 7k FULL cheerleader teal outfit (top, skirt, shoes) 7k FULL football...
  12. celestialsid

    henlo, selling eggs :)

    31x cri-ckee egg 1k 15x feggment egg 1.5k 36x gingerbregg lighthouse egg 500c 11x kakamora egg 6k 41x oswald the lucky rabbit egg 500c 33x peggasus egg 1k 29x sergeant tibbs egg 500c 34x wreck it ralph bunny egg 500c 38x wreck it ralph kitty egg 500c 43x eggvengers black panther egg 500c 39x...
  13. celestialsid

    easter clothes sale!

    here is what i'm selling, friendz. 29x blue bunny slippers 3k 34x lilac bunny slippers 3k 36x lilac hoodie 5k 24x pastel green mickey ears 5k 24x pastel purple mickey ears 5k 9x pastel pink mickey ears 5k 17x pastel yellow mickey ears 5k
  14. BlueDreamz

    *+ Hoodiez // Slipz // Earz +*

    hai y'all, so this what i got // lmk what u wanna throw on it :ninja: purple hoodie // deez earz // deez slipperz // & ANY EGGZ :allthethings: PLZ HALP :allthethings: :huh::fancy: BID AWAY ( feel free to pm also ) :cloud9:
  15. celestialsid

    Tefiti egg for sale! :)

    hey friendz! i've got a tefiti egg for sale, highest bidder gets it SB: 30k <3
  16. Danny_DeVito


    PLEASE SOMEONE!! What are we supposed to be doing? My hair is falling out and I'm so tired.
  17. Pinkie_Poof


    Easter is coming around the corner! I am selling a bunch of 2017 Easter Eggs to get them out of my inventory. I have too many! If you would like any before I sell them manually, please let me know! I could give them to you for 5 creds each or a small donation! Anything is appreciated. Patch...
  18. Pinkie_Poof

    (closed) Pink Bunny Ears Auction!

    Trading Pink Bunny Ears for credits in an auction style. I made a general trade thread and have a lot of people wanting them, so figured this may be easier! Starting Bid: 30k WILL CLOSE AUCTION FRIDAY AT 9pm EST!
  19. KrisKoVonce

    New Client URL Easter Egg??

    Is there anything behind the new client's URL having a Pretty Little Liars Easter Egg??