1. Zukitaxx

    Mexico World Showcase Quest Help

    I'm so increadibly lost on this one. Google wasn't even helpful The question is: What is the name of the people who lived in Chichen Itza?
  2. lexis

    LF Epcot Items!

    hello, i am in search of any and all epcot items you are willing to trade, please name your price! :)
  3. Awesomemagic

    Epcot Opening

    How I feel about it.
  4. bethmarie

    LF Epcot Room Pin

    I worked at Epcot, and it's like my second home, so I am looking for the room pin. Willing to trade other rooms for it as well besides credits.
  5. A

    LF: Treasure Planet Hologram Map & EPCOT Room

    Hi! I have been looking for the Treasure Planet Hologram map and an EPCOT room for a while now. Does anyone happen to have either of them?