1. Marvel Mania


    Hey Marvel Manians!!! Marvel Mania will be hosting Elimination Disney Trivia at 1:00 a.m! I know that that that s pretty late, but you would be surprised to see how many people have shown up before. This event will take place in the room Marvel Mania Presents: Trivia!!!! Please let me know that...
  2. WolverineLogan

    THIS EVENT IS OVER!!!!!!!!!

    Marvel Mania Auction and Trade will be hosting an auction at 12:30 a.m!!! Please let me know if you want to attend so I know how many people to expect!!! You don't have to let me know, but I would appreciate it!!! Thanks!!!!
  3. SunshinyCashew


    Offering 10k ea! Pins I already have: - Hades - Captain Hook - Headless Horseman - Oogie - Cruella - Hitchhiking ghost - Evil Witch
  4. PROMO_Oogie

    Project Summer Event

    Are you ready to get in the summer spirit? Create a Disney Summer themed art project and send it in! This will not be limited to one medium. You can send us in paintings, photographs, drawings, or any other art project you feel inspired to create! However, for this event we will not be...
  5. PROMO_Oogie

    Where would you like to see the Kingdom Hearts Triva

    Please vote for which social media platform you would like the trivia to take place on. You will DM your answers on whichever platform that is decided.
  6. PROMO_Oogie

    Capture The Flag Objective & Rules:

    Main Lobby: To begin Capture the Flag you will see a pop-up then click the 'join' button whenever the game has been scheduled. If the pop up is accidentally exited out of, does not occur, or it is mid-game you may join by going to Esplanade. Once you have joined and entered Capture the Flag you...
  7. FierceNeon

    Dream event and crate items!

    Sold all
  8. Fae

    Ideas for Next Month!

    Some friends and I were discussing things we wanted for next month/some things we thought would be cool. Feel free to comment below with any other creative ideas, or opinions. I stared the things I really want xD The Nutcracker and the Four Realms Inspo: Outfits: 0:09 Clara's First Dress...
  9. alloadieu

    Haven't received BTS Prize yet

    Anyone else incurring the same issue? My team won yesterday in the BTS event, and I still have not received the prize in my inventory.
  10. Danny_DeVito

    NEVERMIND delete lol

    NEVERMIND it was the neverland rainbow and the magic! it was confusing for me, sorry!
  11. Danny_DeVito

    Last week event prizes?

    I know the prize was the dress furniture, but what was the consolation prize and the queue prize?
  12. VMK_Rapunzel

    Jedi Training Academy: Info

    Hello Padawans, Welcome to Star Wars Month on MyVMK! Fellow Jedi Masters and I have been putting together a very special Star Wars event for everyone to enjoy this month (in addition to the regularly scheduled HOST events). Introducing… The Jedi Training Academy! This month you will be able to...
  13. Danny_DeVito

    (Resolved!)WHAT! I was 1 in que and it glitched up

    Okay so I was next in line for the event (kindergarten derby) and the fast pass went away like I was being pulled into the event but then nothing happened and then my chats wouldn't show up and everyone was walking in place and I couldn't move. So I tried to enter the event and it said I would...
  14. Danny_DeVito

    winter dreams event room skipped

    So I think it is worth mentioning that I have been in "Fantasy land in the sky" for the ENTIRE duration of the winter dreams event(TONIGHT, Saturday, +6:00p.m.-7:30p.m+), along with WAY more that 5 people the entire time and we were not visited. The entire hour and a half PLUS (time before the...
  15. carolynwonderland

    November Quests

    These were a blast and the prizes were all great. I had a lot of fun and learned a good bit too seeing as I only know about Walt Disney World. I would love to see more quests in game. Would you? Would you like to change anything about them?