1. E

    Fireworks Game

    HAHAHA this is embarassing, how to get at least 1000 pts? I keep getting 476 or what not. Are there actual instructions? I was always bad at this game as a kid..
  2. mashabiscuits

    Castle Fireworks Remixed Help

    Not sure if this is already a thread, but I recently got back into the game and I am trying to earn higher scores in the fireworks game but the highest I can barely get to is 1000, is there some tips that anyone has in order to properly combo and win? Thank you~ <3 Edit: I have an issue where...
  3. Shimmer

    trade made plz close

    Hiya! Looking for the animated fireworks celebration pin from May SITS... Let me know if you have it and wanna sell! :)
  4. Peaches

    Fireworks Game Controls

    someone can correct me if i'm wrong, but i believe in Jungle Cruise you can use both arrow keys and WASD keys to move, while in the Fireworks game you can only use arrow keys and number keys to navigate the firework type. it's extremely hard for me to play Fireworks on my laptop layout because...
  5. AlphaCoolAlex

    Not yet fixed Castle Fireworks Classic

    Can you please bring back the Classic version of Castle fireworks for people that aren't as experienced?
  6. tide

    LF Fireworks Fountain's

    Looking for any of the firework fountains other than the halloween one's or the emitter :3 <3
  7. Danny_DeVito

    Fireworks classic

    I have tried on the alpha and old "Macromedia" thing (for some reason, myvmk pal hasn't worked for me since like end of nov/early December) both, when i start the game, it loads and counts off in the lobby, but once the game starts in both versions, it is a blank screen where the fireworks are...
  8. Glamazon

    LF: Sparrow top, sparrow boots, etc!

    currently looking for: UPDATDS Clothing: Sparrow top : offering 200k Sparrow boots: 80k Black cowboy top w/o vest: 30k Pins: PPR Wendy: 115k Fireworks Magic’s: 15k per 1* Pixie dust magic: 15k per 1* Tron Room : idk value Pirates town room: idk value Furniture Dreams hook chairs: 30k per...