1. Ashslay


    CALLING ALL FURNI SELLERS! Please DON'T POST → MESSAGE or DISCORD ME ! :) The TOP 4 Posts will be updated at ALL times. PRIORITY WISHES: Items I am ACTIVELY SEEKING right now. NEWLY ADDED WISHES: New items added to MASTER WL NOTE: All new thread posts are updates/bumps to the TOP NEWLY...
  2. Queen_Alexx

    Looking for values to Furni&Pins

    FURNI 1 x ALR Flower Yellow 1 x Churro Cart 1 x Eeyore Plush 1 x Egg - Scrump 1 x Gear Wall 1 x Gondala Pole 1 x Haunted Mansion Graveyard Tree 1 x Herbie Couch 1 x Lumiere Menorah 1 x Mars Rocks LargP 1 x Moana Rock Medium 1 x Moana Rock Small 1 x Moana Rock Waterfall 1 x Moana Mast 1 x Necho...
  3. BlueDreamz

    *+* Looking 4 Every & Anything Stitch *+*

    As the title saysss, :626: PM me or comment any of your Stitch for sale items! (Pins, Clothes, Furni, etc.) :StitchBounce::StitchBounce::StitchBounce: I am trading credits for these :D I have been MIA for a minute and need to catch up I will add any of my extras, if you're interested but most of...
  4. alloadieu

    Things I no longer need- SALE

    Things I no longer need- looking for creds only! For furniture, I have four sale rooms - search my username under rooms to check them out!
  5. Sorijilo

    LF Wedding Chairs, Magic pins

    Hello! I'm looking for: Wedding Chairs (white) and I'm interested in various magic pins, especially turn into zombie magic. if you have any of these, lmk! Thanks!
  6. Sorijilo

    Various pins, clothing, furniture for sale!

    Pins 750c each 1k each Other Pins Furniture Clothing Various SW Plushies 500c each Various Marvel Plushies 500c each Various Easter Eggs 500c each See my in game store for which ones I have (or feel free to ask)! If you think my prices are too high or low please tell me! I'd be happy...
  7. Awesomemagic

    Rotating Furniture Re-Releases

    MyVMK has been blessed with an excessively large pool of items created by talented artists over the last 6 years. However, this might not be immediately apparent to a new player because re-releases of many items are limited, even if the items have little trading value. This doesn't simply effect...
  8. dudescl

    dude's trade list

    [/SPOILER][/SPOILER] Also trading tons of more common pins/clothes/furni that I don't feel like listing so if you are looking for anything specific just ask me Wants: Pink Firewall Rare Magics JC Pin Set Silver Ears Grey Star Wars/White flip hats Yeti Hat Red/Winter Dreams Shirt Dia de los...
  9. starrry

    just some clothes & furni & pins :)

    just looking to sell some stuff, check it out :) (i'm not the greatest at prices, so bear with me!) ** all prices are negotiable** red-- sold purple-- reserved clothes Bride Frankenstein outfit(shoes,skirt,top,veil)- 7k Bucket Hat Pastel Yellow x2 - 6k Butterfly on Face- 3k Cowboy Black Pants-...
  10. Wompzilla

    Clothes, Pins, Rooms, Furni

    Message me any way that works best for you
  11. Obviously

    Looking For Refreshment Corner-Style Furni!

    Looking for tables, chairs, benches... Outdoorsy stuff really.. maybe some trees? Royal Castle Flowers.. if you have any! Not very specific but I'm not exactly sure the names of the furni.... My offer is credits, but am open to trade as well! <3 Thanks
  12. jaquelineglrz

    Furniture Sale

    Hello everyone! Selling all of the furniture I've accumulated since May. Please offer! :)
  13. Mx. Ryden

    Looking for fire-themed furniture/building materials

    Hello all! I'm looking for nearly anything fiery/fire-themed/lava/hot/etc. to fill out a room I'm working on. Not quite sure what all is out there and the basic shops don't have too much. This includes flooring, I'm stuck using the red blood mats for now .-. But also mostly different items to...
  14. kellyjean410

    Selling clothing/some furni

  15. alloadieu

    Halloweentown Portal teleporters

    Selling the Halloweentown Teleporters from Scream events. PM me if you're interested! :) :trade:
  16. markle

    selling crates items!

    please offer! furni: - 10x pumpkin side table pins: - 3x pumpkin jack skellington - 4x pumpkin mickey - 11x pumpkin pooh - 13x pumpkin tinker bell - 18x pumpkin woody clothing/hats: - 2x minnie ears candy corn - 1x sorcerer's hat candy corn - 2x sorcerer's hat pink - 1x kida mask
  17. alloadieu


  18. markle

    aegi's inventory cleanout - UPDATED 10/07!

    all prices are approximations, feel free to haggle! italics = on hold, strikethrough = sold furniture 2x ALR flower yellow - 250c each 1x aladdin's flying carpet chair purple - 250c 4x astro orbiter velvet-rope room divider - 1k each 1x blizzard beach finish line - 250c 1x bubbling cauldron -...
  19. markle

    looking for these items! UPDATED!

    hello! feel free to comment or pm if you have any of these items! prices are negotiable! furni: - 1x cherry blossom trees (offering 5k each) - orange gumdrop chair (offering 2k) - 3x rose petal runway (offering 1k each) - date night strawberries - 3x wakanda walls (offering 2k each) - tree of...
  20. Shantilly


    I need a lot of these. SOS