1. SunshinyCashew


  2. glissando

    Gliss' Random Sale

    Selling my random assortment of things for your credits! Almost everything I have multiples of. Potentially willing to negotiate prices so hmu, thx bbs <3 CLOTHING Angel Stitch Hat - 165k Axel Wig - 1k Butterfly on Face - 1k Halloweentown Sora pants - 1k Halloweentown Sora shirt - 1k Keyblade -...
  3. GyeomieBear7

    Swirly Christmas Tree issues?

    The consolation prize from the Miser Bros Civil War yesterday (The Swirly Christmas Tree- Large, I have 2) is showing up in my inventory under pins, and has no image? Not sure what to do about this :( thanks in advance!
  4. MysteryClearPuppy

    LF Rose Bushes & Storybook Stone Walls

    lmk if u have them
  5. MysteryClearPuppy

    Furniture Rotation

    ya knowwww I dont know if anybody else cares about this lol, but I think it would be great if there was a diagonal option for rotating furniture items, or even an option to rotate it to any degree you'd like it.
  6. Mx. Ryden

    Ry's Clothing, Furni, & Pins for Sale 12/06 Updated Constantly

    Sorted by type & alphabetized, italicized means I only have 1 of the item to trade as most things I have multiples of, and bolds are the more rare/rare-ishh or expensive items. Red is reduced prices. I guessed a bit and threw out prices for what I could until I got tired. I really appreciate...
  7. jaquelineglrz

    Furniture Sale

    Hello everyone! Selling all of the furniture I've accumulated since May. Please offer! :)
  8. Mx. Ryden

    Looking for fire-themed furniture/building materials

    Hello all! I'm looking for nearly anything fiery/fire-themed/lava/hot/etc. to fill out a room I'm working on. Not quite sure what all is out there and the basic shops don't have too much. This includes flooring, I'm stuck using the red blood mats for now .-. But also mostly different items to...
  9. Awesomemagic

    Cleaning Out Inventory

    Clothing - Expedition Everest Outfit Blizzard Beach Surf Shirt and Shorts (blue and orange) Stu's Carrot Cap Wildcats Sneakers, Sweatpants and Jacket Princess Hat Pink (not the OG one) Native American Headdress Peter Pan Hat Nick Wilde Shirt and Hat Morph Floating Buddy Finding Dory T-Shirt...
  10. IAM_Sasha_Fierce

    Christmas furni items!!

    will trade credits or other items if interested, let me know what you have and I'll see if I need it!!
  11. K

    Inventory Clean Out

    Hiya!! Doing a closet/stuff clean out! Looking to get credits or trade for other items. Everything is best offer for credits. Willing to bundle to give a better deal <3 Furnishings Blue Headphone (1) Captain America Shield (1) Dr. Strange Bookshelf (5) Fireworks Fountain Cone Big (1) Fireworks...
  12. BriarRose


    Hey everyone, I haven't been on MyVMK in FOREVER, and am just getting back into it!! Looking to trade some of my items for credits, let me know if you're interested and we can talk about a price (definitely willing to negotiate a pretty low price) :D One of everything unless otherwise stated...
  13. alloadieu


  14. markle

    aegi's inventory cleanout - UPDATED 10/07!

    all prices are approximations, feel free to haggle! italics = on hold, strikethrough = sold furniture 2x ALR flower yellow - 250c each 1x aladdin's flying carpet chair purple - 250c 4x astro orbiter velvet-rope room divider - 1k each 1x blizzard beach finish line - 250c 1x bubbling cauldron -...
  15. markle

    looking for these items! UPDATED!

    hello! feel free to comment or pm if you have any of these items! prices are negotiable! furni: - 1x cherry blossom trees (offering 5k each) - orange gumdrop chair (offering 2k) - 3x rose petal runway (offering 1k each) - date night strawberries - 3x wakanda walls (offering 2k each) - tree of...
  16. alloadieu

    *** Selling a few things ***

    PM offers/questions for -furniture - plushies -Hercules Pin Hats and Pins are priced. Thanks! <3
  17. Shantilly


    I need a lot of these. SOS
  18. markle


    looking for the best offer. feel free to pm or comment below! will also accept item trades, depending on the item(s).
  19. markle

    Value Check please?

    can someone tell me the value of a candy cauldron? i'd really appreciate it.
  20. WheezyPinkHedgehog

    Selling Pins, Clothes, and Furniture!

    Looking for Credits! Selling some clothes and furni. Make me an offer on any of the items below :)