1. WheezyPinkHedgehog

    Selling Clothes and Furni

    Looking for Credits! Selling some clothes and furni. Make me an offer on any of the items below :)
  2. Alamar

    selling some junk updated w/ new items 10/17

    will accept creds, item trades or ash. let me kno FULL Kali Couch - 36k x2 Kali Couch Pieces - 8k each Host Items Consolation / Queue Prizes POTC Chest Prizes Reg Furni / Retired from Shops Random Retired Clothes Pins Castles - Beasts Castle - 3k Castles - King Stefan's Castle - 3k...
  3. alloadieu


  4. WheezyPinkHedgehog

    LF Halloween/Spooky Items!

    I want to make a Halloween "trick-or-treat" themed room and I just joined a few months ago so I don't have any Halloween furniture. If you have any you are willing to sell let me know what you have and how much you want for it! Thanks in advance :)
  5. Wompzilla

    LF Magic Furni: Yzma Table, Drink Me Table, etc

    PM me with item name and cost. Thanks Don't need, already have: Babyfier Experiment Magic Snowman
  6. markle

    please close.

    i'm looking for these items called candlelights? they look like tiny candles in jars, but i haven't really seen anyone who has them. i'm wondering how much they are and if anyone has any for sale! feel free to message me. check out my other forums posts for other items i'm looking for. :)
  7. markle


    hello, i'm looking for a few things and i'm trading credits for them! - 1x orange gumdrop chair - 1x cupid statue - rose petal runways - gingerbread stuff - holiday rope dividers
  8. markle

    Selling multiple items!

    I have the following items for sale and I am selling for low prices (2k and under) : pins : - 6x water ride living with the land - 1x ant man - 1x ant man and the wasp - 2x disney has gone fishy - fish out of water - 2x disney has gone fishy - kuzco whale - 2x disney has gone fishy - merlin and...
  9. SunshinyCashew

    LF Animated Evil Queen Mirror!!! - Closed-

    I endured blistering winds and scorching desert! I climbed to the highest bloody room of the highest bloody tower, and you know what i find?! No one selling the animated evil queen mirror! So please to save me any further suffering someone please sell it to me. P.S. Bonus points if you know...
  10. markle

    LF these items!

    i'm looking for a few specific items : furniture : - 1x orange gumdrop chair - 1x cupid statue - rose petal runways - gingerbread stuff - holiday rope dividers clothing : - rapunzel crown - kida outfit (no anklet) - flower crowns (white and blue) - maleficent hat - ariel mermaid top - ferb...
  11. IAmTheWalrus

    Having a room inventory-- list/quantity of furniture, ability to pick up

    I would love a feature that allows you to see a list of all the furniture items in room, and the quantity of each. Particularly, it would be super cool if there was a feature in the room inventory that lets you do a sort of bulk pick up of single type of furniture item. This would be really...
  12. grimgrinningghost

    Selling this that and the other thing

    Make me an offer :)
  13. Sorijilo

    Selling Pins, Furniture, Clothes

    Pins 750c each 1k each 5k Stained Glass Window - Rapunzel x3 12k Stained Glass Window - Ariel Furniture Clothing Various SW Plushies 500c each Various Easter Eggs 500c each If you think my prices are too high or low please tell me! I'd be happy to haggle prices - some of the prices I...
  14. Zukitaxx

    Take my stuff!

    I'll update this as things get added or sold. I take trades too. (Updated 6/13/2018)
  15. Cam


    Hi there! Trading a few items for credits. If the item is unmarked, make me an offer :Pokemon1: **CLOTHING** Cowboy Black Shirt Cowboy Brown Shirt Cowboy Brown Shirt with Vest Cowboy Grey Shirt Cowboy Grey Shirt with Vest Cowboy Red Shirt Cowboy Red Shirt with Vest Dapper Dan Red FULL (Shirt...
  16. bethmarie

    Inventory Clean Out!

    Hello all - looking to clean out some of my inventory. Just make an offer, reasonable offers, for what you are interested in. items in bold are no longer available or are currently under offer for trade. PINS: Darth Maul Drowned in Moonlight (princess leia pin) Emoji - Anna Emoji - Belle Emoji...
  17. celestialsid

    furniture for sale :)

    2x BB-8 5k 10x brave spell cake 100c 5x brave tarts 100c 22x candlelit walkway 500c 2x dagobah swamp rug 250c 3x dagobah swamp stump 250c 7x dante 2k 13x planet hoth 250c 2x recess tire chair 500c 3x SW carpet death star 2k 1x magenta heart chair 2k 4x luxo ball 500c 5x memory orb - anger...
  18. Fix

    display clothes as furniture idea

    i think it would be really cool if we could somehow turn our clothes into furniture, sort of the way we can change rooms to pins, and vise versa. that way you could display your clothing in guestrooms. this would make trade rooms and yard sales a lot easier so people could easily see what you...
  19. celestialsid

    mini clearance sale :)

    here are some things i'm wanting to get rid of! lemme know if you're interested in anything :) clothing 31x easter blue bunny slippers 1k 34x easter lilac bunny slippers 1k 36x easter lilac hoodie 1k 23x easter pastel green mickey ears 2k 23x easter pastel purple mickey ears 2k 8x easter pastel...
  20. Danny_DeVito

    Furniture Problem

    So when I'm trying to place items in a room, they are a lot of the time "configured" to 100 and it messes a lot of stuff up/ makes things so high their out of view and I have to clear room. Sometimes when I place items, they're fine, and then I leave the room and come back, things are floating...