1. Young_Metro2

    LVL UP GRAND OPENING !!Win 15k+!! June game calander +more!

    LVL UP IS COMING TO A VMK ROOM NEAR YOU! Many of you have already played! I've already given out over 50k in one day! Don't Miss out on your opportunity to be a part of the fun! I am bringing a safari theme to the room in honor of this months theme along with some SPECIAL TWISTS on the regular...
  2. Marvel Mania

    MOVIE OF THE WEEK IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Vote below for which movie you think should win!!!!! Also comment below for a movie you want to be added to the poll *THIS POLL WILL END ON MONDAY, MAY 18TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Marvel Mania


    Hey Marvel Manians!!! Marvel Mania will be hosting Elimination Disney Trivia at 1:00 a.m! I know that that that s pretty late, but you would be surprised to see how many people have shown up before. This event will take place in the room Marvel Mania Presents: Trivia!!!! Please let me know that...
  4. bethmarie

    Tomorrowland Arcade games

    I just discovered the three tomorrowland arcade games in the tomorrowland hub. Do we actually win any prizes for these? I just completed all 20 levels of the first game (Airlock escape) and nothing happened. So I was just wondering! :)
  5. WolverineLogan

    You know it's.....

    Welcome to You Know It's... Here is how the game works. Someone will say "you know it's ______ when???? Someone answers the question. Whoever answers must make a question after they answer. EXAMPLE!!!!! Person1: You know you're old when???? Person 2: When it's 10:00 a.m and it's naptime...
  6. WolverineLogan

    Ruin The Wish 2 : Extreme Wish Destroying

    This game is a lot like the original where someone has a wish someo e else grants it but it turns out wrong. This Ruin the wish you can say anything you want (provided it doesn't go ago st VMK rules) Don't be afraid to offend people. That doesn't mean offend them on purpose. Most...
  7. WolverineLogan

    X- Men/Marvel roleplay

    Welcome to forum based X-Men/Marvel roleplay. For those of you who do not know how this works I goes like this. Choose a character to be to pe in the comments what you want your character to say. Others will choose characters and post in the comments what they want to say. By and by we will have...
  8. WolverineLogan

    Name superheroes a-z

    If you post a superhero, please tell from which universe they are from. Marvel or DC. Thanks!!!!!
  9. IAmTheWalrus

    Adding a puzzle game or arcade-style game

    This is more of a suggestion for the future, since existing games are being fixed still, but... No idea how feasible this is, but how cool would it be to add a game into the Penny Arcade that's more puzzle-based or otherwise plays like an arcade game? I think it would be terrific to offer...
  10. Kaye

    Storybook Forest (and other rooms)

    in honor of storybook month this August, I wanted to create and connect a bunch of rooms that are inspired by books/ fairy tales. I kind of was thinking along the lines of @Fotogirl 's Trick or Treat Street in which some of us make our own rooms and coordinate to connect them to this one central...
  11. Kaye

    New Mini Games

    It would be cool to have more ways to earn credits (by mini games and not trading or selling items). I remember the OG VMK released an expedition everest game which didn't give credits, but instead gave codes for special expedition Everest clothing, furniture and rooms which was fun - It was...
  12. Apes

    Xbox - Console Players :)

    Who on here also plays on the Xbox? I play all sorts of games. Games: Smite (Need more teammates) Gears Of War (All) Warframe Call Of Duties (Rarely play much anymore) And many more that I am too lazy to name.. :D