1. Wavves

    Not yet fixed Infinity Stone pins glitched

    In-game some of the Infinity Stone *crystal* pins have been breached. They are showing up as blank/visibly showing different pin. :o
  2. CaptofPinkPearl

    Fixed Hats and Misc Glitching

    Hi there, The hats and masks are glitching. I cannot see my avatar wearing one but I have been told she is. Then they appear on the floor as well. We tried reloading but nothing seems to be working. And I believe this is happening for other items too. But please post if you are having this issue...
  3. Autie

    STAMPEDE Pin Glitch

    Hiya! Just wondering if anyone else is having the same issue as I have with the pin I received as a prize from the recent event STAMPEDE? I received a message saying my number was 62000, and I can see a blank pin in my inventory which I assume was my prize. Is anyone else also not able to see...
  4. alloadieu


    Hello! :) So is it normal to receive the middle pin (the one that is animated) last? If not, I'm receiving them out of order...
  5. IAmTheWalrus

    Furniture items disappearing after placement

    Over the past few weeks, I've been seeing furniture items disappearing from my rooms and friends' rooms. Maybe this has been a thing for a while, but I've only been seeing it happen lately. I can't really find a pattern to it. I thought maybe it had to do with if you give someone control of your...
  6. alloadieu

    Haven't received BTS Prize yet

    Anyone else incurring the same issue? My team won yesterday in the BTS event, and I still have not received the prize in my inventory.
  7. capttinktink

    Issue with Golden Mickey Ears

    Golden Mickey ears do not show up on certain angles on the new client. They also do not show up in the wardrobe. I attached screen shots to show what I mean.
  8. Danny_DeVito

    Furniture Problem

    So when I'm trying to place items in a room, they are a lot of the time "configured" to 100 and it messes a lot of stuff up/ makes things so high their out of view and I have to clear room. Sometimes when I place items, they're fine, and then I leave the room and come back, things are floating...
  9. Danny_DeVito


    I think its really film but still...
  10. Danny_DeVito

    Cant use !q command

    I am unsure if it's the new client or maybe the game is still in, "Hide and seek" mode but whenever I try to use the command, it says, "Sorry, this command is disabled during Hide and Seek!"
  11. Danny_DeVito

    Fireworks classic

    I have tried on the alpha and old "Macromedia" thing (for some reason, myvmk pal hasn't worked for me since like end of nov/early December) both, when i start the game, it loads and counts off in the lobby, but once the game starts in both versions, it is a blank screen where the fireworks are...
  12. breezybearzy


    I unfortunately was in line for the kindergarden derby event and I joined right at 7 and was like in the 30 range and right when it was about to pull me in, myvmk glitched ): Can anyone help me? This happened to MommyDearest but they were able to get her in ): HELP
  13. Danny_DeVito

    winter dreams event room skipped

    So I think it is worth mentioning that I have been in "Fantasy land in the sky" for the ENTIRE duration of the winter dreams event(TONIGHT, Saturday, +6:00p.m.-7:30p.m+), along with WAY more that 5 people the entire time and we were not visited. The entire hour and a half PLUS (time before the...
  14. CoralHibiscus

    Friends List Glitching

    During the most recent Winter Dreams Event, my friends list glitched and said 2 of my friends were in a room. Everytime I tried to go to the same room the friends list just popped away and nothing happened. After the event was over, I relogged to see if it fixed everything, and they were GONE...
  15. Danny_DeVito

    My room is so glitchy

    I hope I am posting this in the right spot, I can access my inventory anywhere else, other peoples rooms load, even the rides work fine. But once I enter one of my rooms that I'm working on, everything gets REALLY buggy. Most of the time (I've closed and reopened the game like 40 times in the...
  16. Zazoo1995

    GLITCH in Ships & Shipwrecks Quest (Deep Diving Pin)?

    Hi y'all! I hope things are going well. I am trying to finish this quest, but on the 7/15, where it asks you to go to Storybookland and find all the Jolly Roger skulls, is preventing me. The skulls will show up, but only one will allow me to "pick it up". The rest are visible, but unable to be...