1. abbiejustine

    ✿clothes/wigs/ears/misc for sale✿

    To get a faster response from me, please DM me on discord - you can reach me easier on discord scrunchyfreak#4634 - PLEASE choose to communicate on discord because I get zero notifications on forums! ** my IGN is scrunchyfreak If you want to know what an item looks like, type ::discordtrade in...
  2. alloadieu

    Things I no longer need- SALE

    Things I no longer need- looking for creds only! For furniture, I have four sale rooms - search my username under rooms to check them out!
  3. Kg_

    Selling Clothing List to gain credits back

    Here is a list of ALL my clothing, Letme know if you'd like to buy any --- Hats --- Alien Mickey Ears Anastasia Crown Ant-Man Head Pal Ariel Mickey Ears Headband Baseball Cap - Bailey Baseball Cap - Pride Baseball Cap - Pink Baseball Cap Reversed - Breast Cancer Baseball Cap Reversed Jedi...
  4. lexile_the_exile

    Trixie's Treats and Trades! W/Prices!

    Howdy Howdy! Here is a list of everything I am currently selling, with prices! That being said, I am willing to negotiate as well. I don't have pictures of everything uploaded yet, but if you want to see something - feel free to ask! I'm also willing to trade items of similar worth, but lets be...
  5. SunshinyCashew


    Hmu if interested! Babyfier Pacifier Hat - 150k Baseball Cap - Dormouse -75k Cheshire Cat Beanie - 50k Chef Remy Hat - 200k Elsa's Crown - 50k Finding Dory Gerald's Bucket Hat - 60k Ghost Top Hat - 50k Leroy Hat - 100k Stitch Hat - 700k
  6. alloadieu

    Selling Loads of things! (including Wall-e pet base, Skate Shoes+ more)

    There may be multiples of items. DM offers - looking for creds.
  7. carolscool


    Selling pink crocs. best offer Also selling purple, yellow, blue bucket hat lmk.
  8. SunshinyCashew


    HnS Baseball Cap - Blu HnS Baseball Cap - Honeylemon HnS Baseball Cap - Mushu HnS Baseball Cap Tefiti DC Ears - Sonny Yellow DC Ears - Copper Orange DC Ears - Duchess Gold DC Ears - Thorn Green DC Ears - Aurora Teal DC Ears - 95k ea HnS Hats - 75k ea
  9. Tety

    HNS Crash and Nala Ears

    Selling crash for 95k & taking offers on Nala :D
  10. SunshinyCashew

    LF Fauna Hat!! - Closed -

    Lmk your prices!!
  11. FierceNeon

    Clothes and hats for sale

  12. AdventureCat

    Wings a misc item?

    Hello! Just thinking about throwing a suggestion out there. I was thinking that it would be cool if any type of wings (or similar item) could be misc. Many times I want to be able to wear a hat with my wings. I've talked to several people and they agreed it would be a good idea. :hat: What do...
  13. Charm

    Crate Items for Sale!

    -Hats - x17 Pink Sorcerer Hats - 250c (each) x4 Purple Sorcerer Hats - 2k (each) x1 Green Sorcerer Hat - 5k x1 Candy Corn Sorcerer Hat - 5k x3 Candy Corn Minnie Ears - 5k (each) x2 Candy Corn Cat Ears - 5k (each) -Furni- x70 Pumpkin Dining Chair - 250c (each) x13 Pumpkin Dining Table - 500c...
  14. IAM_Sasha_Fierce


    Looking to get credits for some of my stuff. Not sure the value of items so just give me your best offer!!
  15. alloadieu

    LF For the Following... CLOSED

    Helloooo Post or PM me your price if your'e selling! -Any colour of DC Ears -Ursula dress (top and skirt) -Maleficent Hat
  16. alloadieu

    Thor Eye Patch?

    Does anyone know the value or estimate on this? Thank you :hearts:
  17. AlexC12

    woo hoo big summer blowout HATS (w/ pics)

    Welcome! Most clothing I will also be auctioning, so I am sorry if it becomes unavailable Please post! I don't get notifications for DMs sometimes PRIDE LGBT Agender Ears 4k Flower Crown Rainbow 5k LGBT Gay Ears 4k LGBT Bisexual Ears 4k MARVEL Ant-Man Head Pal 4k Infinity War...
  18. alloadieu

    *** Selling a few things ***

    PM offers/questions for -furniture - plushies -Hercules Pin Hats and Pins are priced. Thanks! <3
  19. alloadieu


  20. alloadieu