1. SunshinyCashew


    Clothes - All Clothes 5k ea Naveen's Royal Boots (x18) Naveen's Royal Pants (x21) Naveen's Royal Shirt (x1) Belle's Apron Shirt (x25) Belle's Apron Skirt (x8) Belle's Yellow Bodice (x2) Belle's Yellow Skirt (x1) Snow White's Bodice (x16) Snow White's Skirt (x1) Ariel's Pink Bodice (x1) Ariel's...
  2. IAM_Sasha_Fierce

    Christmas furni items!!

    will trade credits or other items if interested, let me know what you have and I'll see if I need it!!
  3. Laceyy

    Looking For Clothing... ;)

    Looking for :) Winifred top, Winifred skit Sarah top and skirt Mary skirt and top Pumpkin flip Zombie stitch hat Tinker bell outfit Fairy Folk hat Boo hat Disney travel shirts Lock, Shock and barrel costumes Offering Credits :)
  4. Fruits


  5. alloadieu

    VMK Anniversary Room?

    Just purchased the VMK Anniversary room yesterday...whats the point of it, exactly? Lol if someone wouldn't mind explaining the "frozen after one month" feature, I would greatly appreciate it! :)
  6. TheDirector

    Searching For These Lovely Items... ❤ (Updated 10/3/18)

    Hello! :giggle: Thank you for checking out my wish list. :halcyon: The items most desired are highlighted in red. (: Feel free to name your price for any of the following. Thank you for your time. :star:
  7. Danny_DeVito

    Furniture Problem

    So when I'm trying to place items in a room, they are a lot of the time "configured" to 100 and it messes a lot of stuff up/ makes things so high their out of view and I have to clear room. Sometimes when I place items, they're fine, and then I leave the room and come back, things are floating...
  8. efitzherbert

    Complete Color-Coded List of Items Released in MyVMK

    Hello, Before I put a big ole wall of text here's a link: The list can be found here. Using newsletters and posts on this forum I've created a Google Sheets document of every item in MyVMK. This list will be continuously updated with every new release. A few things to note: There are sure to...
  9. Danny_DeVito

    where do I post if..

    where do I post if.. I am trading something but I'll take both credits AND/OR items..
  10. Danny_DeVito

    Regarding Forums!

    I hope I'm posting in the right spot, but after being on here for a little bit of time, I feel maybe it'd be super cool and convenient if it was possible to add a feature to forums where you can "select" images of items that are in discussion like say, "selling item x" and you can select pic of...
  11. Mitochondria

    Mito's Garage Sale WITH RARES - Updated 2/6

    Hey there! I'm Mitochondria! After quite a quite a while of hoarding items and a rather long hiatus while we waited for mac support to return, I'm looking to unload a ton of my unwanted items from my inventory. I have ALMOST all of my up for sale items listed below! If you are looking for...
  12. carolynwonderland

    Item Ideas

    What never-before-released themed items (pins, furniture, rooms, clothes, rides) would yall like to see released in game? :CheshireBounce: