1. BlueDreamz

    *+* Shoppe .Bleu. +*+ (OLDER RELEASES)

    :cloud9: Heylo! .Bleu. here :cloud9: I've been away from MyVMK for a minute now & have always been a hoarder of everything MyVMK. :whee: So here we are, with lots of extras from the past, for you guys :hearts: I will update this post with values as I learn them from forum/discord searching and...
  2. frenzy

    close pls

    My Cinderella pin for your Jasmine pin :)
  3. SunshinyCashew


    Selling for 50k or Red Jasmine Pants!
  4. SunshinyCashew


    Also looking for the shoes but the Pants are priority!
  5. lilnanner

    LF KH Stained Glass Pins Jasmine and Kairi

    Looking for Jasmine and Kairi stained glass pins! Let me know how much you're willing to sell for please! :)
  6. Mx. Ryden

    LF Jasmine Outfit with pants

    LF the Jasmine outfit with the flowy pants (priority are the bottoms/pants though) I think there's just cyan, if there's others let me know. Offering 15k for the full outfit or 5-6k for the pants, up to negotiate on creds or items trades from my post. I'll be able to respond to posts or PMs in...
  7. carolynwonderland

    LF Full Teal Jasmine

    Will buy with either top or both tops idc
  8. SunshinyCashew

    Looking For Teal Princess Jasmine Outfit! -Closed-

    just looking for the top, bottom, and shoes!
  9. SunshinyCashew

    LF Jasmine Blue Headpiece (Crown)!! - Closed -

    Have been looking for this for a little bit. If anyone wants to help this street rat like Jasmine helped Aladdin please let me know :)
  10. activia

    LF Princess Jasmine Outfit

    hi everyone!! I'm looking for the teal/blue set, so if you're selling PM me or comment below! I only need the pants and top w/ belt, but if you'd prefer to sell the full outfit that's ok too! let me know you're price
  11. activia

    LF a few clothing items

    looking for: Belle Winter Dress (bow, top, skirt) Eilonwy headband Megara sandals Jasmine teal pants Mission Space Pants (blue, red, pink, purple, yellow) pls message or comment, thank u :D
  12. Danny_DeVito

    LF Jasmine Balcony room pin!

    They were sold for 10k so idk what yall wanna charge but I'm about it I guess lol
  13. activia

    LF a bunch of items! (clothes & pins)

    comment or send me a PM if you're looking to sell anything on this list, I'm primarily trading credits right now. I'll try to get back asap to anyone getting in contact with me (: CLOTHING: Anna Coronation (shoes) Blue Princess (top, skirt, shoes) Disney Channel Ears (Copper, Duchess, Rapunzel...
  14. activia

    LF ... Princess Items

    I am Trading Credits Open to buying individual items, just lmk! Anna Coronation (shoes) Belle - Pink Winter Dress (bow, top, skirt) Elsa Coronation (crown, top) Elsa Winter (top, shoes) Jasmine - Teal Set (top w/belt, pants) Kida (necklace) Lilo (headband) Merida (arrow through head) Moana...
  15. Cam

    Searching for these

    Hi, there! I'm looking for a few items & I have credits that belong to anyone who is willing to trade the below thingies:Pokemon1: Pins: Ariel Stained Glass Eilonwy Stained Glass Giselle Stained Glass Kida Stained Glass Maid Marian Stained Glass Merida Stained Glass Snow White Stained Glass...
  16. BelleeValentina

    LF Purple Jasmine

    Hi hi, Currently looking for: Full Purple jasmine outfit -Will pay 5k Also looking for doug hat. Name your price below. :D Let me know! Tysm! <3