1. frenzy

    please close

    got it :)
  2. ashleylaurie789

    Trading clothes & Magic (PTN ears)

    Selling the following items, looking for credits in return! I have Paint the Night Ears in both pearl and coral. I have others as well, but those are the two popular colors. I am also trading some magic, I have: 5star Fireworks magic, 1star burried in treasure magic, 1star Ghost magic, and...
  3. Subrzu

    Broom Stick Magic

    Broom Stick Magic! Offer :)
  4. ashleylaurie789

    Huge Cleanout! 11/18 MAGIC!

    Furniture: 60th Celebration Mickey Lantern Chernabog Carpet Prison Wall Divider Tower of Terror Luggage Cart Sofa Sandersons Sisters Cauldron Halloween Mickey Ghost White Pins: Astronaut Minnie Pin Pumpkin Mickey Pin Pumpkin Jack Skellington Pin Stained Glass Window Tiana (2) Magics: 4th...
  5. Awesomemagic

    List of Magic (skates magic in use added)

    HERE Hello! I made a list of all the magic. It shows what the pin looks like, what they look like in use, and their magic word. They aren't in any particular order. I only put the blue versions of all the buyable/not tradable magic (Autopia Racing/Deep Sea Diving/Inner-Space Suit). Color of the...
  6. Subrzu


    200k Auto! offers:)
  7. Awesomemagic


    I'm looking for flying carpet magic 30k invisibility magic 25k OG teleportation magic 30k turn into pirate magic 15k turn into coral magic 30k lightning magic 20k buried in treasure magic 20k all prices are per 1* Preferably low * so each doesn't dip far over 60-70k. If you think any of the...
  8. Tety

    Deal or No Deal (VMK Edition)

    Hi friends, I will be hosting a game of Deal or No Deal at around 12:30 am EST (in about an hour) that will have the same concept as the show where you pick your briefcase and then pick other briefcases to reveal what's inside them (and not inside yours). You will then be given a deal in...
  9. Subrzu

    Broom Magic 1*

    Offer :)
  10. cheonsadon

    Selling 1* Mermaid Magic

    Selling 1* Mermaid magic, rare, looking for around 500k-700k Willing to negotiate! No low ballers pls Looking for mostly credits PM if interested and we can work something out :eee: Willing to hold if you need time :flower:
  11. IAM_Sasha_Fierce

    5* og invisible magic

    lol someone please take this from me lf- 100k creds, let it go magic, or best offer also if you're lucky, i have other magics i'll sell you if you take the magic off my hands ;)
  12. Mx. Ryden

    Call me beep me if you wanna trade me (these items I'm LF):3

    -Star butterfly outfit -Kim possible outfit(s? If Ron's is a thing? Don't mind either though) -Recess TJ's outfit -Recess Spinelli outfit -Donald duck black outfit (or is it white? the not-blue one, hah) -Galaxy Jedi or Sith flip hat -coral magic outfit -Any ducktales pins (save for Louie ones...
  13. Tety

    Looking for Magic Show Stage Curtains!

    Hi please pm me or reply to this thread if you're selling/trading and let me know how much you're looking for :)
  14. K

    selling things- make offers if price is not listed

    MAGIC OUAT teleportation magic - CLOTHING 60th celebration jacket – 10k Cowgirl Jesse hat – 8k Cowgirl jesse pants – 8k Cruella outfit full – 8k Dumbo hat- 3k Judy Hopps top – 4k Merida gown (light blue) – 6k Black princess skirt – 3k Princess hat green- 3k Princess hat pink- 3k Queen Minnie...
  15. K

    Inventory Clean Out

    Hiya!! Doing a closet/stuff clean out! Looking to get credits or trade for other items. Everything is best offer for credits. Willing to bundle to give a better deal <3 Furnishings Blue Headphone (1) Captain America Shield (1) Dr. Strange Bookshelf (5) Fireworks Fountain Cone Big (1) Fireworks...
  16. IAM_Sasha_Fierce


    Looking to get credits for some of my stuff. Not sure the value of items so just give me your best offer!!
  17. Mx. Ryden

    List of all the magics?

    Hello so I'm new and there's a lot more magic out nowadays than there used to be on og VMK, which is awesome! However I'm not really quite sure what to save for as I don't know what all is out there, as well as if there is any magics attainable in-game currently (besides the diving, driving...
  18. carolynwonderland

    Lanyard Idea

    Would you guys like to see a separate lanyard for magic only? That way lanyards are free to display pins only or a combo of pins and magic if you like.. or for those who have so much magic they can fill two lanyards. The main point would be two separate lanyards for pins and magic pins, though.
  19. MandyTheMermaid

    LF Magic Pins

    I'm looking for magic pins to purchase. Please Comment below what you are selling & for how much and I will get back to you asap. Thank you. :jellyfish:
  20. ashleylaurie789

    Magic Help, please!

    Wondering how much these magics are selling for : Single use bat magic Burried in Treasure magic Deep Sea diving blue magic Mr. Toads magic car (3 star) Pixie Dust magic Popcorn magic 4th Fireworks magic (5 star)