1. ashleylaurie789

    Selling Marvel Plushies in a bundle!

    I have tons (literally) of the common marvel plushies from crates and I want to get rid of them. I'm selling them in a bundle, 10 of them for 5k. I sold a few of them yesterday and I let everyone choose which ones they wanted. I do believe I have a few of the rare/uncommon ones left, but I sold...
  2. Cheeky

    **UNOPENED Marvel crates **

    24 crates available 500c per crate :grizzly:
  3. ashleylaurie789

    How much are Items Worth?

    I have a few people interested in my marvel crates and plushies. I need help though deciding on the price I want for them. I am terrible and I dont want to get ripped off. How much are OPENED crates, UNOPENED crates, and plushies worth? Mostly the common plushies, but also rare and uncommon...
  4. grimgrinningghost

    Selling this that and the other thing

    Make me an offer :)
  5. BelleeValentina

    Selling Marvel Month Stuff and More

    Hi all, Make me an offer. PMing is okay too. Currently selling: Marvel Clothes Avengers flip Black Panther Beanie Eye of Agamotto Necklace Gamora top Homecoming glasses Mickey Ears - Avengers Mickey Ears - Hulk Mickey Ears - Iron Man Scarlet Witch Corset Rocket Racoon Hat Thor Outfit (shirt...
  6. littlevioletmouse

    Looking For Credits

    Selling/Trading (for clothes): Furniture: Yondu Plushie x2 Erik KillMonger Plushie x1 Groot Plushie x1 Pins: Cassette Couple Gamora Pin x1 Cassette Couple Starlord Pin x1 A.I.M. Agency Pin x4 Enchanted Prince Pin x1 Enchanted Princess Pin x1 Enchanted Princess 2 Pin x1
  7. _Honey_

    Trading a few marvel things

    I'm not really good with values but offer away Plushies: Ant-Man Black Widow Hawkeye Hela Hulk Rocket Racoon Ultron Vision MJ Mantis Nebula Nick Fury Peggy Carter Scarlet Witch Valkyrie Wasp Clothes: Ultron Rare Sunglasses
  8. AlexC12

    CLOTHING SALE (w/ pics)

  9. AlexC12

    PIN SALE (w/ pics)

  10. AlexC12

    CLOTHING SALE (w/ pics)

  11. frieza

    Thor and Loki bundles?

    Pulled the Thor bundle about a week ago, and the Loki bundle today (FINALLY). Was wondering what their values were as a whole set with the items + plushies? Thanks in advance!
  12. frieza

    Pulling Duplicate Plushies May Not Be So Useless After All!

    Not so sure where to post this so I figured I'd start here! I have to admit after collecting and opening crate after crate only to pull plushies I had nearly hundreds of I was getting super bummed but now with being able to sell the empty crates along with the plushies you can rack in 225...
  13. _Honey_

    Value Check Ultron Rare Sunglasses

    Thinking of trading mine but I wanted to know how much they are worth.
  14. jaquelineglrz


  15. WheezyPinkHedgehog

    Trading Marvel Plushies

    Make me an offer!! Rare: Star-Lord x2 Captain America x1 Erik Killmonger x1 Shuri x1 Ultron Rare Sunglasses x1 Uncommon: Doctor Strange x9 MJ x6 Rocket Raccoon x6 Thanos x7 Valkyrie x7 Falcon x3 Nebula x6 Drax x 5 Common plushies for sale 250c each: Ultron x32 Scarlet Witch x27 Vision x29...
  16. tide

    Trading Thor Eye Patch and/or Bundle for credits

    Best offer or bid please :)
  17. Cam

    Trading Uncommon Plushies

    Uncommon: Doctor Strange x1 MJ x2 Rocket Raccoon x2 Thanos x1 Valkyrie x2 Others for sale 250c each: Ultron x7 Scarlet Witch x5 Vision x10 Wasp x8 Ant-man x6 Black Widow x6 Bucky x1 Hawkeye x9 Hela x6 Hulk x8 Mantis x5 Nick Fury x3 Peggy Carter x6
  18. Zukitaxx

    LF Loki Plush and Headpiece

    willing to work out price! please let me know!
  19. TheDirector

    (Closed) LF Avengers Flip

    The title basically says it all. I'm looking for the Avengers flip hat, and I'm trading Stan Lee for it. I have the following super rares/rares for trade as well: Loki Helmet Gamora Wig Ultron Sunglasses PM me or we can negotiate.
  20. TheDirector

    (Closed) Marvel Rares + Auction [Updated 7/1/18]

    You must offer on these items. :fancy: I'm mostly interested in clothing (particularly hats) of similar value or credits. :) I will not consider offers I determine to be too low. My apologies in advance. Clothing: L̶o̶k̶i̶ ̶H̶e̶l̶m̶e̶t̶ Gamora Wig Ultron Rare Sunglasses x2 M̶i̶c̶k̶e̶y̶...