1. KatiePeirceeee

    **Blowout Sale** Pls Take All the Things!

    I'll be updating this daily with new items, quantities, etc so keep an eye out! :whee: I'm also pretty flexible and will accept most ~reasonable~ offers. CLOTHING Alien Mickey Ears - 1x Babydoll Dress Black - 3x Baseball Cap - Pride - 2x Beanie - Hamm - 1x Blue Flats - 1x Bowtie Pride - 1x...
  2. NewHorizons82

    CLOSED: Trading Golden Butterfly/Butterfly Magic

    Hey! Newbie here who got ~EXTREMELY~ lucky and caught a golden. I have NO idea what the value is but I know they are few and far between. I have all 5 colors so if you're looking for just the golden or to grab all 5 at once for the magic I'm willing to trade. Throw some offers at me, I'm broke...
  3. sarahslamee

    Fresh meat here :P

    Hey everyone! My name's Sarah and the last time I played VMK was the day it closed in 2008. So happy it was rewritten and I'm hoping to relive some of the fun and the memories the original brought me. I'm looking for some friends to play games with and just hang out so if anyone wants to get to...
  4. sarahslamee

    New with some questions!

    Been a super long time since I've play (last time was before the original VMK closed) so I don't remember some things and am unsure how this remake works completely. When I type in game it doesn't let me use the backspace key so when I mistype I can't fix it, anyone else have this problem or...
  5. Mx. Ryden

    Comprehensive MyVMK 101/Basics, Tips, and Tricks for New Players!

    Hello there! If you’re reading this welcome/welcome back to MyVMK! It may have been a while and you aren’t sure how to get started or what’s going on, and there are some slight differences to VMK and MyVMK. This post is here to help answer frequently asked questions by new players and provide as...
  6. tide

    Welcome New Users Party - Poll & Information

    Hey everyone! I have sat up two rooms for a Welcome Party for all new/newish users. One will be a backdoor - however if we need more room we can use both rooms! I will include a poll asking what day / time would be the best for everyone to be there! Feel free to respond to this with any other...
  7. Tety

    Deal or No Deal (VMK Edition)

    Hi friends, I will be hosting a game of Deal or No Deal at around 12:30 am EST (in about an hour) that will have the same concept as the show where you pick your briefcase and then pick other briefcases to reveal what's inside them (and not inside yours). You will then be given a deal in...
  8. S


    Hey all! I played VMK way back when and I decided this week to start playing MyVMK. I'm already having such a fun time after only a day of being back. I loved collecting and trading rare items back in the VMK days. I'm super excited to start playing games (I'm so so bad at Pirates and always...
  9. NeonUniKorn

    Forum Signature help

    Haha so it's obvious how new I am, and I really want to put a gif in my signature. It's been since 2007 since I've done anything like this. Help please :) I have an Imgur if that helps with embedding? So lost lol
  10. KaySeeKay15

    looking for NEW!

    hi y'all <3 idk if anyone even remembers me but I have not been on all school year! it was crazy and i kinda forgot about VMK ! BUT now i literally missed out on everything... SO! If you see my around and want to show me LITERALLY ANYTHING that came out during this school year, PLEASE DO!! I...
  11. KrisKoVonce

    New Client URL Easter Egg??

    Is there anything behind the new client's URL having a Pretty Little Liars Easter Egg??
  12. breezybearzy

    I got a Mac, which means now Im Back!

    Hi Guys, i just started playing MyVmk back up around september and i have been addicted honestly. Ive met some friends through the game that are helping me figure out forums! if you have any tips or tricks on anything i might not know please feel free to let me know or just say hi!
  13. Betsey

    2 Truths & 1 Lie

    Hey all, Most of you probably do not know me, because I have been a member here for many years, left, and have recently just returned. I wanted to make new friends and meet people who are active users, since most of my people no longer play. Let's play a game! 2 Truths & 1 Lie: Tell 2 truths...
  14. rae

    Ready to play myvmk...again!

    Hey everyone, I'm Rae, in-game I'm known as rachy. I used to play the original VMK until it closed down. Then a few years later I began to play myvmk, but fell out of it. I just recently felt the urge to start playing again! I am a little rusty but I'm ready to make some new friends! Is there a...