1. kimmyrose

    Selling Items!!!<3

    Furniture: Beaches & Cream Soda Shop Flat: 2k Carousel of Progress Cog 1x3: 5k Carousel of Progress Cog Sign: 6k Churro Cart: 3k Death Star Hologram Projector: 5k Egg - Faberge Ariel: 1.5k Egg - Ray & Eggvangeline: 1k Egg - Robin Hood: 1k Egg Shiny - Orange: 1.5k Everest Ride Car: 4k Explorer’s...
  2. Obviously

    LF Polar Bear Beanie!

    Please message me for what you want for it. Thanks <3
  3. SunshinyCashew


    Lmk if you have it! and hm you want for it!
  4. IAM_Sasha_Fierce


    Am I dumb or is there no monorail running in the game anymore?? I've been waiting for the monorail to come for about 10 minutes now and nothing has happened :cry:
  5. IAM_Sasha_Fierce

    5* og invisible magic

    lol someone please take this from me lf- 100k creds, let it go magic, or best offer also if you're lucky, i have other magics i'll sell you if you take the magic off my hands ;)
  6. SunshinyCashew

    Looking For Full Beast Outfit!! - Closed -

    Someone Plz sell it to me!!
  7. SunshinyCashew

    LF DC Rey Ears!!! - Closed-

    Please its been 84 years and i haven't found them. Its for a good cause!!!
  8. SunshinyCashew

    LF Merman Magic!! - Closed -

    I have an offer you can't refuse!!! I mean, you could refuse it but i need help getting it I'm already at at least 250 SITS and still haven't gotten it so plz help me out!!
  9. Road

    Lumpy Hat!!!

    I was on a brief hiatus and just got back, so I guess I missed his release by just a tiiiiny bit. If anyone is willing to sell, please let me know what you'd like. I need that adorable little Heffalump!!! :swoon: Thank you!
  10. SunshinyCashew

    LF Stitch Hat!!! It's a Matter of Life or Death!!

    Not really a matter of life or death but i need it bad!!! someone plz sell it!!!
  11. activia

    LF ... SITS Hercules/Pegasus Pin

    if you're looking to sell, please message me or comment below! i'm looking for multiple or however many i can get, thank you :)
  12. Mitochondria

    Mito's Garage Sale WITH RARES - Updated 2/6

    Hey there! I'm Mitochondria! After quite a quite a while of hoarding items and a rather long hiatus while we waited for mac support to return, I'm looking to unload a ton of my unwanted items from my inventory. I have ALMOST all of my up for sale items listed below! If you are looking for...
  13. bizarrekitties

    LF: Jafar's Hourglass Chair and Royal Cloud Prop

    I need as many as I can get. Message me or find me if you have some for sale! :halcyon: