1. SunshinyCashew


  2. alloadieu

    *** Selling a few things ***

    PM offers/questions for -furniture - plushies -Hercules Pin Hats and Pins are priced. Thanks! <3
  3. ashleylaurie789

    Selling Marvel Plushies in a bundle!

    I have tons (literally) of the common marvel plushies from crates and I want to get rid of them. I'm selling them in a bundle, 10 of them for 5k. I sold a few of them yesterday and I let everyone choose which ones they wanted. I do believe I have a few of the rare/uncommon ones left, but I sold...
  4. Kaye

    Selling Extras

    Either reply here or PM me your offers Also, if you don't know what any of these items look like, feel free to ask for a photo I also still have a ton of Marvel plushies if anyone wants any
  5. ashleylaurie789

    How much are Items Worth?

    I have a few people interested in my marvel crates and plushies. I need help though deciding on the price I want for them. I am terrible and I dont want to get ripped off. How much are OPENED crates, UNOPENED crates, and plushies worth? Mostly the common plushies, but also rare and uncommon...
  6. grimgrinningghost

    Selling this that and the other thing

    Make me an offer :)
  7. littlevioletmouse

    Looking For Credits

    Selling/Trading (for clothes): Furniture: Yondu Plushie x2 Erik KillMonger Plushie x1 Groot Plushie x1 Pins: Cassette Couple Gamora Pin x1 Cassette Couple Starlord Pin x1 A.I.M. Agency Pin x4 Enchanted Prince Pin x1 Enchanted Princess Pin x1 Enchanted Princess 2 Pin x1
  8. _Honey_

    Trading a few marvel things

    I'm not really good with values but offer away Plushies: Ant-Man Black Widow Hawkeye Hela Hulk Rocket Racoon Ultron Vision MJ Mantis Nebula Nick Fury Peggy Carter Scarlet Witch Valkyrie Wasp Clothes: Ultron Rare Sunglasses
  9. frieza

    Thor and Loki bundles?

    Pulled the Thor bundle about a week ago, and the Loki bundle today (FINALLY). Was wondering what their values were as a whole set with the items + plushies? Thanks in advance!
  10. cheonsadon

    Selling Rare Marvel Stuff! (Updated 7/26)

    Hi!! I've accumulated some stuff & I want to sell them off, so here's what I have: Clothing: Avengers Flip - x3 ONE LEFT! Gamora Wig - x1 Homecoming Sunglasses - x3 Iron Man 3 Sunglasses - x1 Pins: Doctor Strange - x1 HEROES Black Bolt - x1 Hydra Logo - x1 Venom (item.2974) - x12 for 1k ea...
  11. frieza

    Pulling Duplicate Plushies May Not Be So Useless After All!

    Not so sure where to post this so I figured I'd start here! I have to admit after collecting and opening crate after crate only to pull plushies I had nearly hundreds of I was getting super bummed but now with being able to sell the empty crates along with the plushies you can rack in 225...
  12. Castafloogin

    Comics Crates - THE GAME

    (I'll post on this thread before I open the room to play so keep watch if interested :surrender:) ITS TEAM SPIDY VS TEAM BLACK PANTHER In a 4v4 game of Crating like you haven't experienced before Here are the RULES: - Crates will drop in the room (as they do) and you must stand next to one...
  13. WheezyPinkHedgehog

    Trading Marvel Plushies

    Make me an offer!! Rare: Star-Lord x2 Captain America x1 Erik Killmonger x1 Shuri x1 Ultron Rare Sunglasses x1 Uncommon: Doctor Strange x9 MJ x6 Rocket Raccoon x6 Thanos x7 Valkyrie x7 Falcon x3 Nebula x6 Drax x 5 Common plushies for sale 250c each: Ultron x32 Scarlet Witch x27 Vision x29...
  14. Cam

    Trading Uncommon Plushies

    Uncommon: Doctor Strange x1 MJ x2 Rocket Raccoon x2 Thanos x1 Valkyrie x2 Others for sale 250c each: Ultron x7 Scarlet Witch x5 Vision x10 Wasp x8 Ant-man x6 Black Widow x6 Bucky x1 Hawkeye x9 Hela x6 Hulk x8 Mantis x5 Nick Fury x3 Peggy Carter x6
  15. Sorijilo

    Selling Pins, Furniture, Clothes

    Pins 750c each 1k each 5k Stained Glass Window - Rapunzel x3 12k Stained Glass Window - Ariel Furniture Clothing Various SW Plushies 500c each Various Easter Eggs 500c each If you think my prices are too high or low please tell me! I'd be happy to haggle prices - some of the prices I...
  16. PrynceVegeta

    Selling Easter 2018 stuff, Pins, Plushies, Clothes, and Furniture :

    Hello I need some credits so i am selling the following items: Easter 2018: Kevin's Baby Pet Base- Sb @ 60k 39- Pastel Purple Ears 1k 23- Pastel Green Ears 1k 9- Pastel Pink Ears 2k 20- Pastel Yellow Ears 1k 24- Blue Bunny Slippers 1k 16- Purple Bunny Slippers 1k 16- Lilac Hoodies 1k...
  17. Sorijilo

    Selling Pins, Furniture, some clothes

    Hello! I'm selling these items: Pins 750c each Star Wars - Jabba Pin x2 VMK Football 2015 President's Day 2018 Pin x2 SW Emoji - Finn A Wrinkle in Time 1k each Sword in the Stone - Casey Jr. Thanksgiving - 2014 Retro VMK - The Pirates of the Caribbean (6/9) New Year's - 2015 Pin Pixar...
  18. A


    Hi I need to know the values of plushies, tsum tsum pins, and the cutie-r2d2 as well as the cutie-yoda pins!! If you could let me know or send me a link of a master list that would be great! Thank you