1. SunshinyCashew


    Selling for 300k
  2. Shimmer

    Tutu Bundle - Raffle Prize

    Hi I am selling the tutu bundle. (5 tutu's: blue, red, pink, green, purple) mostly looking for credits or terk backpack plus credits! LMK top offer: 800k - Bug
  3. SunshinyCashew


    Lmk if you are selling yours!
  4. whiskers

    Trading The Claw Machine Open to Offers

  5. PROMO_Oogie

    MyVMK Forums Newsletter 7/9/2019

    Events This Week Events on this forum are subject to change throughout the week. For the most recent events you can check out our Social Media pages for any changes or additions! Events run on EST time. Instagram OfficialMyVMK Twitter @ MyVMK July 9 Down by the Boardwalk Pin Spectacular: 8 PM...
  6. Lulu


    Selling it. Offers?
  7. Nina

    HnS Stocking Trade-LF Morph

    Hello! I am wanting to trade my Genie stocking for a Morph stocking! If anyone is interested let me know!! :D
  8. alloadieu


    250c per crate, message me if you're looking to buy!
  9. alloadieu

    SOLD :)

    Hello! As much as I hate to part with the best room ever, I think there are people who are better/enjoy decorating rooms more than I do. So, if you are interested in this room, PM me an offer! :)
  10. breezybearzy


    Hi! I had won the screams event today from 1- 2 with ghost_Thanos and RIP_HeiHei and they said my prize would show up eventually. I just was checking into that and im also not sure what the prize was supposed to be so I dont know what I am looking for. All i know is Thanos told me to change my...
  11. WheezyPinkHedgehog

    Trading Piglet on Shoulder *Highest Bidder Wins*

    Trading Piglet on Shoulder from gold chest for credits! Give me offers and highest bidder by 10pm on Wednesday 8/29 will get it! SB is 60k
  12. Kaye

    Escape the Funhouse

    You've fallen deep into a rabbit hole, and when you thought the fall would never end, you landed in a rather curious house. After searching, the only way out seems to be a small door, however it is locked. The door points you toward a table on which lay a vial of liquid and a key. To escape this...
  13. alloadieu

    Haven't received BTS Prize yet

    Anyone else incurring the same issue? My team won yesterday in the BTS event, and I still have not received the prize in my inventory.
  14. Danny_DeVito

    NEVERMIND delete lol

    NEVERMIND it was the neverland rainbow and the magic! it was confusing for me, sorry!
  15. Danny_DeVito

    Last week event prizes?

    I know the prize was the dress furniture, but what was the consolation prize and the queue prize?
  16. Guest10056490

    Goodbye peeps - Sticky

    I am moving on from MyVMK but it was a fun nostalgic ride in the short time it lasted. I will be returning one last time sometime after the next 3 days ( smh..) to host a night of games with the prizes being all of my rares, including Remmy hat, nametag collection from the sword, and my magics...