1. SirRender

    Thor Eye Patch

    Trading Thor's eye patch! Ive only seen two of these, and it's extremely rare out of the comic crates. Message me an offer.
  2. McCall Cohen

    Rare Ultron Sunglasses

    Selling my Rare Ultron Sunglasses from the Marvel Crates at best offer! :)
  3. AlexC12

    Ultron Rare Sunglasses

    Looking to trade ultron rare sunglasses! Looking for credits or Loki Helmet
  4. Cam


    Hi there! Trading a few items for credits. If the item is unmarked, make me an offer :Pokemon1: **CLOTHING** Cowboy Black Shirt Cowboy Brown Shirt Cowboy Brown Shirt with Vest Cowboy Grey Shirt Cowboy Grey Shirt with Vest Cowboy Red Shirt Cowboy Red Shirt with Vest Dapper Dan Red FULL (Shirt...
  5. Cam

    Value Check Need a master to value my inventory?

    Hi there! :Pokemon1: I started myVMK in 2014 and went about 4 years without playing before getting an email blast. I've only been back for a few days and I'm not super sure on values anymore since I don't know what has/hasn't gotten rereleased since my break. I need a lot of value checking -...
  6. Fix

    What was your most treasured item from original VMK?

    One of my favorite memories in the original VMK was when I finally got an item I had been wanting for so long! I never was able to get any of the ultra-rare items like stitch or sparrow, but all I really cared about getting were cute clothes! My most treasured clothing items were the blue mardi...
  7. celestialsid

    trade made pls close! <3

    just pulled one of these beauties :) bid starting @ 15k let me know <3
  8. celestialsid

    thumper hat for sale! <3 (sold pls close ty)

    SB is 100k :) highest bidder gets it! let me know if you're interested ty!
  9. celestialsid

    henlo, selling eggs :)

    31x cri-ckee egg 1k 15x feggment egg 1.5k 36x gingerbregg lighthouse egg 500c 11x kakamora egg 6k 41x oswald the lucky rabbit egg 500c 33x peggasus egg 1k 29x sergeant tibbs egg 500c 34x wreck it ralph bunny egg 500c 38x wreck it ralph kitty egg 500c 43x eggvengers black panther egg 500c 39x...
  10. Fix

    selling a bunch of old stuff

    I took a long haitus so I'm trying to sell a lot of the stuff I've collected over the years Make an offer for whatever you want but I'm only looking for credits really Clothes King's Crown Baseball Blue Pants Baseball Shoes Pirate Bandana Red Princess Aurora's Pink Bodice Kristoff's Winter...
  11. Marisa


    Offers please :)
  12. Marisa


    Make offers please :) Mostly asking for credits, but if you have anything from this post I'll trade for a combo of credits and items: http://forums.myvmk.com/threads/pixie-hollow-themed-furniture.70987/#post-623445 SITS: 11x Star Wars Symbols - Galactic Republic 2x Star Wars Symbols - Jedi...
  13. Guest10056490

    Goodbye peeps - Sticky

    I am moving on from MyVMK but it was a fun nostalgic ride in the short time it lasted. I will be returning one last time sometime after the next 3 days ( smh..) to host a night of games with the prizes being all of my rares, including Remmy hat, nametag collection from the sword, and my magics...
  14. Dorksy

    Back From Hiatus - Help me catch up?

    Hey, so I've been away from VMK for at least a year and I'd like to get back into it. However I'm super behind on current values and so on. Anything on this list you can help me figure out the value of would be great. Once I get a value I'm going to put it next to the listed item in bold to help...