room building

  1. Bazingaa

    Room Building 101

    Hi MyVMK community! You all have such creative ideas for guest rooms that I thought I’d share some basic room building tips for those who are interested in developing their building skills or who are new to building and would like to learn more. For the seasoned builders who stumble across this...
  2. Kaye

    Storybook Forest (and other rooms)

    in honor of storybook month this August, I wanted to create and connect a bunch of rooms that are inspired by books/ fairy tales. I kind of was thinking along the lines of @Fotogirl 's Trick or Treat Street in which some of us make our own rooms and coordinate to connect them to this one central...
  3. HeyG

    Grand Midnight Manor

    This place brings you back to a time different than your own. You try to peek into the windows to get a glimpse of what's inside-- it looks every bit as grand as the outside! Then you try the door...
  4. HeyG

    Starlight Drive-In Theater

    Welcome to Starlight Drive-In! Drive slowly as you approach the screen, and then tune into the show! Grab your refreshments at the booth. Now showing!