1. abbiejustine

    ✿clothes/wigs/ears/misc for sale✿

    To get a faster response from me, please DM me on discord - you can reach me easier on discord scrunchyfreak#4634 - PLEASE choose to communicate on discord because I get zero notifications on forums! ** my IGN is scrunchyfreak If you want to know what an item looks like, type ::discordtrade in...
  2. alloadieu

    Things I no longer need- SALE

    Things I no longer need- looking for creds only! For furniture, I have four sale rooms - search my username under rooms to check them out!
  3. SunshinyCashew


    Hmu if you have them. Will buy the whole outfit if needed.
  4. Kg_

    Selling Clothing List to gain credits back

    Here is a list of ALL my clothing, Letme know if you'd like to buy any --- Hats --- Alien Mickey Ears Anastasia Crown Ant-Man Head Pal Ariel Mickey Ears Headband Baseball Cap - Bailey Baseball Cap - Pride Baseball Cap - Pink Baseball Cap Reversed - Breast Cancer Baseball Cap Reversed Jedi...
  5. L

    LF Bare Feet

    I have a thread of pins I'd be willing to trade (below) or credits!
  6. alloadieu

    Selling Loads of things! (including Wall-e pet base, Skate Shoes+ more)

    There may be multiples of items. DM offers - looking for creds.
  7. frenzy


    Selling these cute purple shoes. They just aren't my size :( Open to any offers really!
  8. P

    Herbie Shoes

    Looking for shoes mainly but also full outfit works :)
  9. celestials

    Big Sale!

  10. IAM_Sasha_Fierce

    Value Check Hanukkah Blinking Shoes (Winter Dreams Prize)

    What is the value of the Hanukkah Blinking Shoes from the winter dreams event?? They are the blue and white shoes (similar to the red and green blinking shoes). Thanks!!!
  11. SunshinyCashew

    LD Dapper Dan Shoes!! -Closed-

    Help me complete my outfit!!
  12. SunshinyCashew

    Looking For Kida Ankle Bracelet !! -Closed-

    Help me complete the outfit!
  13. tide


    :) Please let me know how much you'd like for them! (Also looking for the purple ones if you happen to have those too!)
  14. TheDirector

    (Closed) LF Elsa Winter Shoes

    Hello! :halcyon: I'm currently interested in these lovely shoes, and I don't mind over-paying for them. If you're looking for credits only I'm offering 75k for the shoes alone, but I’ll pay whatever you want so name your price~ (I'm willing to offer on the entire outfit if you would rather...
  15. Danny_DeVito

    Vanellope Von Schweetz Full outfit?

    What does it look like (in game and in inventory if you can provide that info??) and maybe if anyone knows the value of it? :halcyon::hearts::halcyon:
  16. E

    Looking for Barefoot/Kida Anklet Shoes

    Hey guys! I am looking for barefoot/kida anklet shoes! If you have some and would like to sell them, please let me know! I am open to other shoes and princess dresses as well! Thanks!
  17. alloadieu


    ALL FOUND CLOSED :):trade:
  18. Danny_DeVito

    Close thread?

  19. K


    I have been looking for barefeet and red converse! Please help!
  20. Greenie

    Things of Green

    Hello there, I'm seeking clothing of greenness for they are of value to one such as I! =D Right now, I'm really only able to offer credits, so just let me know what you'd like and I'll see what I can manage.