1. Leafwing

    Looking for hades or Gaston related things or yeti

    Hi all. im currently looking for Elizabeth Swann dress bottoms (I missed out of the skirt) hades or Gaston pins hades robes gaston pants (i have the top) anything kingdom hearts related or yeti things. :) i can trade my stuff or credits. thank you <3
  2. Leafwing

    Trading Clothing and Pins

    Okay I figured out how to do this now . .all below are for sale (trade or buy). pins: Christmas crate 2020 Horses - frou frou Lizzie’s Summer - Icecream Lizzie’s Summer - Shopping Lizzie’s Summer - Tanning Pavillion - Italy Pavillion - Morocco Submarine Voyage - Dory and Marlin clothing...
  3. Loutowicz

    Looking for These Items!

    I'm looking for the following items, prices are negotiable! (I'll continue to update my list as I find more items. :D)
  4. Alakazandra

    Trading Game - 25 credit pin to Elsa Castle Room!

    Hello friends! I’m trying something special here on VMK…a bit of a trading game. If you’ve seen the Trade Me Project, this will be similar. My goal? Keep trading items (yes, items only—no credits!) until I get an Elsa Castle Room. A big goal, but it’ll be fun to see if it’s possible! To make...
  5. Metaphor

    Trading Expedition Everest room pin

    Looking for credits. Or clothes. Or whatever.
  6. Aaron

    Selling (WITH PRICES)

    Selling items below. Looking for credits or good trades. :fly::aww: PM/comment an offer or add me in game on user "odd" This doubles as my inventory - to keep track of what I have. This is what I value My items. Please OFFER. I haven't been on in two years. Idk prices of norms. Everything in...
  7. Aaron


    Selling all of this! Looking for credits or good trades. :fly::aww: PM/comment an offer or add me in game on user "odd" Currently looking for Green/White Baggy Pants Pink/White Flip Flops Magic **SORRY! A lot of items listed are found inside of the catalogue. I included them just incase...
  8. kimmyrose

    Selling Items!!!<3

    Furniture: Beaches & Cream Soda Shop Flat: 2k Carousel of Progress Cog 1x3: 5k Carousel of Progress Cog Sign: 6k Churro Cart: 3k Death Star Hologram Projector: 5k Egg - Faberge Ariel: 1.5k Egg - Ray & Eggvangeline: 1k Egg - Robin Hood: 1k Egg Shiny - Orange: 1.5k Everest Ride Car: 4k Explorer’s...
  9. DigitalGold


    Sold for 275K
  10. SpiritBird

    A very small quarantine clean...

    Hi all, back after a long break and trading/selling just a few dupes I have: Cowboy brown hat Cowboy brown pants Cowboy denim pants Cowgirl Jessie's boots Cowgirl Jessie's pants Mickey Ears 60th Celebration Mickey Ears Galaxy Native American Headdress I have absolutely no idea on the value of...
  11. xFantasyFelicityx

    Looking For Anything From These...

    Hi everybody! I'm looking for anything from these: Mulan The Hunchback Of Notre Dame Star Wars A Goofy Movie Kingdom Hearts If you have anything from those, please let me know. I will pay credits or trade. Thank you! :D <3
  12. xFantasyFelicityx

    Value Check Clothes, Furniture, Pins! - Open To Trading/Selling

    Hi there! I haven't played MyVMK in a while. So, I have some stuff, and I don't know what most of it is worth. I was hoping you guys would be able to help me, please? And I'm definitely open to trading this stuff for credits or other items. If you can't tell what a certain item is, let me know...
  13. courtriumph2

    Selling 2 Pets! (Pain & Panic)

    Hello! Looking to sell two pets -- Pain and Panic (Hercules). Asking for 50k per pet, but if you buy both, I'll sell both for 80k total. Let me know if you're interested!
  14. VanellopeVonSchweetz

    Trading Tarzan Portraits

    Willing to trade my Tarzan Portraits -- Terk, Tarzan, Clayton : )
  15. TreyGoCray

    Trading Pins!

    Hello my loves! Here are Pins I have up for sale: Agents Of Shield Pin (1) -1k Astronaut - Pluto Pin (1) - 1k Captain America's Shield Pin (1) - 1k Disney Light Shows - Disneyland Forever Pin (1) - 1k Dynamic Duos - Alice Pin (2) - 1k Each Dynamic Duos - Jaq Pin (1) - 1k Empire Mickey Pin (1) -...
  16. IAM_Sasha_Fierce

    Value Check Shark Magic!

    I have a 5* shark magic but have no idea what its value is... if you know PLEASE help a girl out
  17. paramnesia

    Princess/Prince 2k Clothing Sale!!!

    Selling these items below (yes they can be separated) for 2k each::boom: Red Font means item is sold - Tiana top (2k) - Tiana skirt (2k) - Prince Sora top (2k) - Prince Sora bottom (2k) - Ariel skirt (2k)
  18. Sherlock_Holmes

    Stitch hat- SOLD

    Trading/Selling stitch hat LF credits or items in same worth Credit price: 900k OBO Item equivalent: 1000k OBO
  19. Jessicat

    Trading for clothing and/or pins

    Trading for clothing and/or pins (especially room pins, SITS pins, and character clothing). Please make offer. :)
  20. dudescl

    dude's trade list

    [/SPOILER][/SPOILER] Also trading tons of more common pins/clothes/furni that I don't feel like listing so if you are looking for anything specific just ask me Wants: Pink Firewall Rare Magics JC Pin Set Silver Ears Grey Star Wars/White flip hats Yeti Hat Red/Winter Dreams Shirt Dia de los...