value check

  1. MandyTheMermaid

    Value Check-Mermaid Magic

    Help Pleaseee! Does anyone know the value of mermaid magic?
  2. Queen_Alexx

    Looking for values to Furni&Pins

    FURNI 1 x ALR Flower Yellow 1 x Churro Cart 1 x Eeyore Plush 1 x Egg - Scrump 1 x Gear Wall 1 x Gondala Pole 1 x Haunted Mansion Graveyard Tree 1 x Herbie Couch 1 x Lumiere Menorah 1 x Mars Rocks LargP 1 x Moana Rock Medium 1 x Moana Rock Small 1 x Moana Rock Waterfall 1 x Moana Mast 1 x Necho...
  3. xFantasyFelicityx

    Value Check Clothes, Furniture, Pins! - Open To Trading/Selling

    Hi there! I haven't played MyVMK in a while. So, I have some stuff, and I don't know what most of it is worth. I was hoping you guys would be able to help me, please? And I'm definitely open to trading this stuff for credits or other items. If you can't tell what a certain item is, let me know...
  4. Lizzian

    Adventurers Month Clothing

    Hello guys! As a new player this month was kinda difficult with finding out what clothes are out there (since there are so many!) and how rare are - cause some people take advantage of the new players and pretend a 500c item is worth 10k or even more (yes, that also happened to me). So a lot of...
  5. vissa7

    Value Check it's been a minute..

    Hi everyone I've been gone for literally years and am coming back to a TON of new stuff and crazy values of things so I just wanted to see if anyone knew what the value of some of my items were - some could be literally valueless and I wouldn't know the difference so help ya girl out if ya can
  6. VanellopeVonSchweetz

    Baseball Cap Reversed Miku?

    What's the current value? Multiple opinions, please. : )
  7. B

    Value Check Random stuff

    Hey, guys! I have some stuff I had sitting in my inventory for a while that I would like to sell. If you could help me with the values of these items I would really appreciate it. They are probably not worth much though ^^'' Clothes: Haunted Mansion Pink Jacket Minnie Ears Pink Princess Hat...
  8. MandyTheMermaid

    !!Value Check!!

    HiHi Please help! Ariel’s grotto Beauty and the beast ballroom haunted mansion holiday monsters inc laugh floor skull rock Tatooine (day) winter wonderland
  9. RosalindVitanni

    Value Check Walt & Mickey Statue

    Value check on Walt & Mickey Statue! It was a Host prize several months ago. I'm looking to sell it but want to be sure on a price! Thanks!
  10. sierramessy

    Value Check on some things!

    It would be amazing if someone created a master Value Check ;) I realize this is A LOT of stuff, my bad. I expect not all to be answered. If you're interested in any of this, we can talk about it. Anyway, looking for values on these items: PINS: Room Pin: Space Mountain Rapunzel's Tower Beauty...
  11. Cap'tJack

    Value Check Misc Furni

    Baseball Chernabog Carpet Churro Cart Disneyland Retro Turnstile 60th EDITION Halloween Mickey Ghost Orange Halloween Mickey Ghost White Halloween Pumpkin Bag Inside Up - Cane Mickey Carpet Mickey Ear Pumpkin Mickey TV Olaf's Head PPR BR Nana Royal Throne Red Spider Web Wall Divider Tangaroa-Ru...
  12. Cap'tJack

    Value Check Misc Pins

    Beast Stitch Dark Ride Peter Pan - Tinker Bell Fantasia Zeus Pin Happy Go Lucky Pin Hawaiian Tiki Pin Inside Up Badge Let's Roll Lonesome Ghost No One Quests Like Gaston Pin Park Snacks - Churro Pirates of the Caribbean Insider Tour Prince & Princess Pin Ride Pin - Peter Pans Flight Ride Pin...
  13. Cap'tJack

    Value Check Room Pins

    Expedition Everest Monsters Inc Laugh Floor Tron
  14. Cap'tJack

    Value Check Holiday/Event Pins

    Cinco De Mayo - 2016 Earth Day - 2015 Easter 2016 Cheshire Easter 2016 Marie Fourth of July - 2014 Frozen at the Oscars Mother's Day - 2014 New Year's - 2014 Pin Pi Day - 2015 Season - Spring Aurora Pin Spring - 2014 Star Wars Day - 2014 Star Wars Day - 2015 Star Wars Day - 2016 Thanksgiving...
  15. Cap'tJack

    Value Check Misc Clothing

    If anyone could help me find the values of these that would be amazing! -------HATS------- Ghast Mask Mickey Ears 60th Celebration Mickey Ears Birthday Mickey Ears Earth Day Mickey Ears Frozen Mickey Ears King Mickey Ears Pumpkin Mickey Ears Traditional Minnie Ears Pink Straw Hat Gold Elsa's...
  16. K

    Clothing Items

    belle's winter outfit (top, skirt, bow) aurora blue dress (top and skirt) love heart hoodie- pink Ariel white dress (top and skirt) curtain dress (top and skirt) thank you :)
  17. Obviously

    Value Check Pirate Hat with Seagull's Nest (Bird Hat)

    Value on this? Thanks in advance :)
  18. Lazarus

    Value Check Value Check Please?

    Looking to auction these off later at some point... Can I get a value estimate please? Thanks -Spooky Flip -Stitch Flip -Black Sorcerer Hat -Mickey Waffle Ears -Mickey Ariel Ears -Jiminy Cricket Shoulder Pet -Floating Eeyore -Winnie the Pooh Shoulder Pet Thank you
  19. frenzy

    Value Check Tsum Tsum Pins

    Hey guys I'm still fairly new so I don't know how much these pins are worth, if anything. I've seen other forum posts with values but wasn't sure if they were accurate. Any help is appreciated :) Also if anyone wants to buy these let me know. I have no attachment to them. PINS Tsum Tsum Dug...
  20. Awesomemagic

    Value Check Stitch in Glass

    It's one of the items in chests this month, and I've yet to see someone with it. How much would it be worth? It's pictured in the newsletter for those wondering what I'm referring to.