1. VanellopeVonSchweetz

    Baseball Cap Reversed Miku?

    What's the current value? Multiple opinions, please. : )
  2. B

    Value Check Random stuff

    Hey, guys! I have some stuff I had sitting in my inventory for a while that I would like to sell. If you could help me with the values of these items I would really appreciate it. They are probably not worth much though ^^'' Clothes: Haunted Mansion Pink Jacket Minnie Ears Pink Princess Hat...
  3. IAM_Sasha_Fierce

    Value Check Shark Magic!

    I have a 5* shark magic but have no idea what its value is... if you know PLEASE help a girl out
  4. Obviously

    Value of Stitch Hat?

    I haven't seen this sold in a long time.... thanks in advance <3
  5. RosalindVitanni

    Host Prizes

    Value Check on: Walt & Mickey Statue Aurora's Dress (furniture)
  6. Lazarus

    Value Check Value Check Please?

    Looking to auction these off later at some point... Can I get a value estimate please? Thanks -Spooky Flip -Stitch Flip -Black Sorcerer Hat -Mickey Waffle Ears -Mickey Ariel Ears -Jiminy Cricket Shoulder Pet -Floating Eeyore -Winnie the Pooh Shoulder Pet Thank you
  7. Beyonsay

    Jose SITS Pin

    Anybody know the value of Jose from SITS? Thought I heard it was rare but just checking to see if that's true or not.
  8. WheezyPinkHedgehog

    Help! Value Check

    Hey, does anyone know the value of ALR flower yellow, blizzard beach fence, kaa, pirate player piano purple, and magic - treasure detector single use? If you know the values for any of these items please post down below or message me. Thanks in advance! :)
  9. ashleylaurie789

    Value Check on old account

    hi! So i finally got the access to my old account after not knowing the password on it for quite some time. I stopped playing and I couldnt remember it, so I made a new one. I finally gained access to it and I found quite a few (hopefully) valuable items. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  10. aliyeah

    Value Check Disney Has Gone Fishy - Cleo Pin

    i received this from the sword in the stone but i was just wondering what the value was...!
  11. tide

    Value Check Polar Bear Beanie

    How much is this worth & also is it hard to find / buy?
  12. MandyTheMermaid

    Need Values On These Items

    Clothes: Baby Doll Dress Pink Dreams T-Shirt Pink Explorer Boots HM Pink Jacket HM Pink Trousers HM Pink Shoes Minnie Ears Pink Minnie Ears Queen Princess Hat Pink Shirt Plaid Pink T-Shirt Minnie Blue Pins: Cuties Donald Duck Cuties Daisy Duck Cuties Bambi Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage...
  13. Kevin_

    Values on my items.

    I'm trading these items on my trade thread, but I don't know their values. If anyone can help me so I can plug them in to my trade thread, it’d be helpful. Thank you very much.
  14. Cam

    Value Check Need a master to value my inventory?

    Hi there! :Pokemon1: I started myVMK in 2014 and went about 4 years without playing before getting an email blast. I've only been back for a few days and I'm not super sure on values anymore since I don't know what has/hasn't gotten rereleased since my break. I need a lot of value checking -...
  15. Danny_DeVito

    Value Check Silver Tiara

    What would the value be on the plain silver tiara? I see weird ranges while searching the forums and wanted to know for sure. :hearts::):hearts:
  16. Pinkie_Poof

    Babyfier Pacifier Hat Value?

    What is Babyfier Pacifer Hat Value?
  17. Pinkie_Poof

    Pink Bunny Ears Value?

    What is the value for Pink Bunny Ear Hat? Thank you!
  18. TaylorDanielle

    Not sure what to sell items for...

    I have C3PO mickey ears and a yoda vest for female and not sure how much they would go for.
  19. Dorksy

    Back From Hiatus - Help me catch up?

    Hey, so I've been away from VMK for at least a year and I'd like to get back into it. However I'm super behind on current values and so on. Anything on this list you can help me figure out the value of would be great. Once I get a value I'm going to put it next to the listed item in bold to help...