winter dreams

  1. KatiePeirceeee

    LF Winter Dreams Sweater

    LF the Winter Dreams Light-Up Sweater, name your priceeee! Thx.
  2. PROMO_Mochi

    Winter Dreams 2019

    Happy Holidays myVMK family! Winter Dreams is here! Hello everyone and welcome to Wintry Wishes Month on MyVMK! We hope you are enjoying all the fun festivities so far, and we can’t wait to share with you all the other exciting things planned for this month! As you may have noticed on the...
  3. SunshinyCashew


    Lmk if interested!
  4. IAM_Sasha_Fierce

    Value Check Hanukkah Blinking Shoes (Winter Dreams Prize)

    What is the value of the Hanukkah Blinking Shoes from the winter dreams event?? They are the blue and white shoes (similar to the red and green blinking shoes). Thanks!!!
  5. AubryAubry

    pet - Olaf

    not sure how much its worth but someone told me 120k lmk if you have an offer :)
  6. MysteryClearPuppy

    Winter Dreams - Snowflake Ears 2017

    Winter Dreams ears from 2017 winter dreams events. lmk your offers ( pic attached )
  7. Zazzella

    Lf Winter Dreams Crates (Unopened)

    UPDATE: Nevermind! Please ignore! So, I had plans on earning some more crates today but apparently that is no longer a if anyone has some that they are willing to sell, that would be amazing! I need 3. I can trade: -Credits -Mickey Ears Beanie Silver -Blind Bags from Winter...
  8. Cheyasaur

    LF winter keys!

    Trading 1k per
  9. MysteryClearPuppy

    Winter Dreams Keys & Winter Pins

    Winter Dreams Keys x42 - 3k Per Wreath Pins Dumbo Wreath x1 Pluto Wreath x1 Minnie Wreath x2 Mickey Wreath x1 Goofy Wreath x1 Pluto Wreath x1 Donald Wreath x1 Stitch Wreath x2 Olaf Wreath x1 Stocking Pins Copper Stocking x8 Dumbo Stocking x2 Elliot Stocking x5 Tod Stocking x5 Also Trading...
  10. churo

    Trading Winter Dreams EARS for...

    Not looking for credits, sorry! Honestly interested in whatever OG costume pieces you have to offer...things like princess, space, or cowboy. Maybe OG hats...Throw in churro pins or churro carts and we'll be best friends!
  11. Marisa

    PLEASE CLOSE Mickey Beanies, Blind Bags, Keys, and more

    2x Black Mickey Beanie- 50k or best offer Silver Mickey Beanie- 50k or best offer 9x Blind Bags- 3k each Keys 1k each Candy Cane TinkerBell Pin- Taking offers Willing to negotiate prices and trade for items or a combination of items and credits Items I would trade for:
  12. strawberrymiranda

    Trading Holiday Flip Hat

    Hello, all! Strawberry here. <3 I am trading the Holiday flip hat starting at 600k, OBO! Feel free to comment below if you are interested and make your offers! Thanks! <3 :)
  13. Marisa

    Buy my things, you'll like them [updated 7/16/18]

    Willing to negotiate prices, mostly want credits but willing to trade for items or a combination of credits and items. Items I would trade for: Star Wars Items: Pins Furniture Clothes:
  14. Marisa

    Selling Silver Mickey Beanie

    Starting bid 100k :)